Escalate The Importance Of Foamex Signage Resolutions For Your Business

Foamex Signage

Foamex Signage is used on the most frequent basis for signs. This is due to its lightweight material and the fact that it is cost-effective.

What is Foamex?

The most sought-after material for making signs, Foamex is a lightweight, rigid board with some fantastic qualities that make it wonderful to use for digital printers.

Foamex board is a hard and robust material. It’s a sturdy material that is very stable in its shape.

There are various thicknesses, but generally, it’s 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm. The ideal thickness for you depends on the purpose you intend to use it for and the size of the sheet you’re using.

The standard PVC foam sheets are white. We then print directly on the top with UV-based inks that are direct; either printed or mounted using vinyl.

What Exactly Is Foamex Used To Serve?

In short, a lot! The print quality is top-notch, making visually pleasing signs. It’s easy to bend, cut, and shape, allowing you to create customised signage in no time.

It’s a plastic material, which means there’s no problem with rust, either. The thickness you pick depends on how open it is to wind. The more wind you have, the thicker you’ll need the board.

This creates vibrant large-format displays that will make you make your mark against other competitors.

Understand What Is Foamex and Countless Option For Printing

In recent years board printing has emerged as an increasingly wanted-after product for most companies. Every business has to undertake some type of promotion or marketing, which also demands banners and signs.

This is why they need to have some printing. In addition, businesses that print on board have a wide range of clients from various industries.

To meet the needs of these companies, the board printing firms can offer different options based on the demands and requirements of their activities.

It is primarily suitable for direct printing since it is easier to cut and shape and lighter. It also proves to be very robust. Furthermore, as a kind of plastic, it’s waterproof and is therefore favoured for outdoor usage.

These are just a few of the essential qualities that make Foamex boards an extremely widely used material used in marketing and promotional.

In addition, 3mm Foamex is a flexible material, and you can frequently see it utilised to decorate shop displays and decorations such as hanging signs.

A Few Things To Know About Foamex More Clearly

Foamex is a material that’s simple to create prints on. The PVC’s molecular arrangement is so that it provides the Foamex panels to be smooth and even surface that’s predominantly white.

This is great since it is easy for printing to a surface such as this.  If you print directly on Foamex, it’s capable of producing a stunning matt look.

The UV varnish not just provides a glossy appearance but also provides the print with additional protection.

A Foamex board can withstand somewhat rough weather conditions, as opposed to cardboard. This makes it possible to utilise Foamex signage for outdoor advertising.

However, if you plan to utilise Foamex boards for outdoor use, the suggested thickness is 10mm as the 3mm Foamex and the 5mm Foamex won’t be sturdy enough to stand up to the harsh weather.

All boards will wear and tear over time. However, a foamex board is quite resistant to tears and wear.

Apart from being tough, Foamex is also quite light. It is why foamex boards are an ideal choice since they are easy to carry and set up.

Printing With Foamex Is A Popular Method Of Printing

However it is a most use material with a range of uses. Display graphics for hoarding panels is ideal for exhibiting graphics, as the prerequisites for signage and boards in this type of scenario are large and simple to move.

Boards and signs for industrial use in an industrial setting must consider durability as an element.

Signage At The Point Of Sale: Foamex boards can produce excellent print quality. You can choose any colour and transform it into any shape you prefer.

The Most Popular Printing Material

The features and advantages of Foamex PVC or Foamex printing have shown why Foamex is a popular material for most businesses.

Its characteristics like its lightweight and having thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm permit you to use construction site hoarding to carry out various tasks.

Whatever you decide to use, you can make it into the shape you want and place your logo on both sides of the board. You will get the most value for money with the Foamex PVC board.

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