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The Latest Software Supporting Artificial Intelligence

The human mind remains the same whereas, the scientist working on the artificial intelligence claims that it will take over the efficiency of the human mind in the coming 3 decades. Sounds fascinating, right? If you have watched the animated movie Wall-E or Big Hero 6, you can most probably picture what it would be like to have machines with the efficiency of the human mind to be walking around in the coming years. You can probably look at the future with an amused look because now overcoming the hurdles which could not be achieved due to the limited abilities of the human beings but, now with the efficient artificial intelligence, efficient machines will be seen carrying out the day to day tasks along with difficult tasks which could not be accomplished by the humans.

There is a cent per cent chance that the artificial intelligence installed in the computer will outpace the human skills way sooner than we are assuming them to. It was not a long ago when the term artificial intelligence was coined by the scientists but the ground breaking strides taken by the technology has amused the people around the world. However, there are still so many domains which are still to be covered by the technology. These may include vision, intuition, common sense and language but this doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence is not helping the world right now. There is several software that are introduced by the scientist and are performing very well and are outsmarting the human beings.

Deep Stack

The software is assumed to base on the intuition rather than planning out the scenarios before the time. The software has mesmerized the poker and won around 450 mile big blinds/game whereas a human has the win rate of around 50 mile big blinds per game only. This is considered to be a great achievement by a software in the world of technology. The algorithm on which the software is designed allows it to make the decision there and then within the matter of mere seconds.

Deep Mind’s AlphaGO

The famous AlphaGo is known around the world for beating the top player of 9-Dan at Go. The game is an ancient Chinese game which is typically played by two players and is considered to be a strategy game. The main theme of the game is to defeat the enemy by surrounding more territory than him. The software is defeated the South Korean grandmaster for 4-1 in five matches. The software is designed in a way that it uses its advanced tree search and neural network to win the game.

AI Duet

The software is an artificial pianist exclusively from the Google’s Creative Lab that used its neural networks to interact with the human mind while creating a duet on its own. The intelligent software is specially designed to respond to your input by creating a rhythm even when the input given to him is not recognisable or given by a beginner, the software will still accompany the person by playing along with him giving life to a melodious rhythm.

Lip Net

Lip reading was something that was considered to be very difficult for human mind. But with the innovation of University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science’s AI Software – Lip Net. It has become easier. The have designed a system which has the capacity of end to end sentence level of lip-reading. This could prove to be a great help for the people with hearing loss or for the conversion of conversation is noisy environments, biometric identification and the silent movie processing.

Deep Coder

As the world is taking strides towards innovations, the Cambridge University has introduced a software that has the tendency of writing codes solely on his own capabilities. The software works on deep learning and is designed to generate the output from the inputs keeping in mind the properties of the program it is working on. When it comes to solving the problems of the codes, the software works out the best possible codes that may help in making the program work or eliminating the problems that are occurring.  

Google Net

The software is an amazing innovation in the medical science as it is designed to detect cancer with accuracy while being quicker than the pathologists. the software is not yet ready to use as it is prone to making errors while identifying the tumours in the images. However, the scientists claim that with enhanced programming it will become the most efficient software in the medical history.

These are the latest innovations in the artificial intelligence sector and the research is still going to either enhance this software or to build better software than these.

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