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Things You Need to Know About Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

You are renting a car so obviously, you are looking for ease and comfort. Renting a luxury car in Dubai is expensive and if you choose the wrong company, you will be out of a large amount of money without any reason. So you should do detailed research before choosing the company from which you want the luxury car. Dubai is a populated city with more people coming in every day. With the ongoing situation, people are preferring car rentals over public transportation’s. Choosing a Premium car rental Dubai that can fulfil your requirements is confusing because of so many options. However, you can easily decide if you know certain things about the car rental company.

Does The Company Have That Car You Require?

The company you are choosing needs to have the car you require. If you have a preference in mind you can directly choose the company which has your required car brand. If you don’t have a car preference you can go for the company with a substantial fleet. If the premium car rental Dubai has more options for luxury and sports cars you can choose different cars for experience and adventure.

What is The Process of the Premium Car Rentals Dubai?

Car rental companies in Dubai need to follow some rules and regulations to stay on the radar. The government is very strict about the rules in Dubai. Rental companies need to have the proper documentation for each car they are offering as a rental. All the vehicles should be insured and registered. Also, the car rental companies require some necessary documents from the clients including their passport copy, visa copy, international driver’s license and if you are a resident then they also require the emirates id. The legal age for renting a luxury car in Dubai is 21 years and for renting a sports car you need to be 25 years old. As for the process, most car rental companies in Dubai have a simple process. You can submit all the documents online and they can verify through their systems. You can also make the payment via credit or debit card and without even visiting the company you will receive your vehicle at your settled destination.

What is the Insurance Policy of The Company?

Insurance is a necessary part of the payment. If you are going for a premium car rental in Dubai, the insurance money would be hefty. Some car rental companies include the insurance amount in the rental price, due to which the prices may increase. If you find some company with the least rental price they may charge you that amount at the time of payment. The insurances that are included in the rental are comprehensive insurance, collision damage waiver, liability insurance. If you have automobile insurance on your credit card or otherwise you can utilize that and ask the rental company to exclude it from the rental price.

When Will You Get Your Deposit Back?

Every Premium car rental Dubai asks for a deposit for luxury and sports car rentals. This deposit is just a security for the vehicle you have rented and it is refunded after 2 to 3 weeks of the return of the car. Tolls, fines and damage deductions may happen from this deposit. Some companies don’t charge tolls from their clients so you should inquire about that from your company. Also, before you acquire a vehicle you should check the car for damages so the company didn’t deduct any cost from your deposit.

Customer Support Needs To Be Professional

In any business, the customer support department needs to be strong and professional.  If your premium car rental Dubai customer support department is quick to answer your queries, this means that the company is quick in providing solutions to your problems regarding the rental. For example, if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road and you require roadside assistance the company needs to provide services asap. If the customer support is not answering your call on time, you will be stranded on the road for a long time.

What Added Benefits the Company is Providing?

Every car rental company provides multiple benefits to their clients. Many of them offer discounts too. You can go for the discounted prices but beware of the scams. Also, many companies provide chauffeur services so if you are new to the town then these services will be helpful. Other than these services, premium car rentals in Dubai also provide free roadside assistance, GPS, flexible payment options, and customized schedules.

If you have this information, it will be easier for you to decide on the company. You should negotiate with the company before renting the car from them. Ask about the deduction and insurances in detail so you can make an informed decision.

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