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Thinning Hair Treatments – Top 10 natural and medicinal treatments for thinning hair

Thin hair is a problem that worries many people, as it affects the external appearance, whether for men or women, as well as children, and everyone is looking for a solution to the problem of thin hair, and in order to be able to treat thinning hair, we must first know the causes of hair loss.

What are the causes of hair loss?

First of all, before knowing the causes of hair loss, we first wonder when a doctor can diagnose the condition as pathological hair loss?

The age of the head hair is approximately three years, meaning that every three years you will get completely new hair, and the rate of natural hair loss per day is about 100 hairs, what is more than that is diagnosed as hair loss, where the causes of hair loss are divided into satisfactory and unsatisfactory .

1- Unsatisfactory causes of hair loss

1-Genetic causes, such as androgenetic alopecia, come in different degrees for both women and men.
2-Use of poor or unsuitable hair care products for your hair type.
3-Wrong behaviors in dealing with hair, such as making a braid, ponytail, or bun and pulling the hair back too hard, and most mothers make that mistake, as they want their daughter’s hair to remain styled throughout the day, causing hair to fall out from the front of the head, and over time The follicles die and do not grow again in these areas.
4-Frequent use of relaxer creams or blow-dry and hair straighteners.
5-A strict diet lacks nutrients important for hair health, such as iron and protein.
6-Some occasional hormonal changes, such as stopping the contraceptive pill, or in the event of pregnancy or childbirth.
7-Bad mental state or exposure to psychological trauma.
8-The use of headwear made of synthetic fibers, so be careful to use cotton headwear.
9-Washing hair daily with shampoo containing chemicals.
10-Best skin specialists in Islamabad says, the use of different dyes, and their frequent use also leads to the emergence of early grey

2- The pathological causes of hair loss

1-Thyroid disease, as a thyroid disorder causes hair loss.
Some medications, such as drugs to treat cancer or high blood pressure, and some medications to treat heart disease.
2-Alopecia areata, which is the presence of circular areas in the scalp without hair completely, and it is one of the immune diseases, as the body’s immunity attacks the hair follicles, and it usually comes from nervousness and extreme tension.
3-Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder in which a person cuts his hair, and he must go to a psychiatrist to treat the problem immediately.
5-Infection with some head fungi such as tinea capitis or ringworm, which is a fungal infection that comes associated with a large amount of dandruff and circular patches completely devoid of hair, and it affects humans either as a result of severe immunodeficiency, or the use of tools from others with the disease, or from pets with the disease .
6-Some hormonal disorders, such as PCOS.

Tips of professional doctors to treat thinning hair

The treatment of thinning hair depends on the reasons that led to it, and if the causes are satisfactory, they must be treated by a specialist:

For example, in the case of a head fungus infection, the doctor recommends taking some antibiotics and using medicinal shampoos against the fungi.

In the case of trichotillomania, the doctor prescribes some anti-depressants and recommends the patient some behavioral therapy and practicing relaxation exercises.
In the case of PCOS, the doctor prescribes some medications that reduce the proportion of the male hormone, which may increase in women with the syndrome, and it is also recommended to reduce weight and take a derivative of metomorphine.
In the case of alopecia areata, doctors prescribe some medications that stimulate hair growth in that area, but in some cases the hair will grow back naturally without any drug interventions after six months.
In the event of thyroid disease, the patient must go to a specialist doctor to control the level of thyroid hormone in the blood, because of its other negative effects on health.

The best way to treat thinning hair naturally

In the absence of any pathological causes of hair loss, you can resort to some of these natural recipes:

1-Using natural oils such as olive oil mixed with rosemary, or thyme oil mixed with grape seed oil, castor oil can also be used and gently massaged on the scalp.
2-Attention to eating healthy, balanced food rich in protein, iron and vitamins, and special attention to dairy products and leafy vegetables of all kinds.
3-Use a wooden comb while styling hair.
4-Do not style the hair while it is wet or dry, because the hair while wet the follicles are open, which makes the hair fall easily, and in the case of severe dry hair the hair will break off, so we must dry the hair while it is wet.
5-Stop using seshwar, dyes and individual types.
6-Stop hairstyles like bun and ponytails, and doctors recommend that you sleep with your hair completely untied.

The best oils for thickening and lengthening thin hair

There are some popular oils for thinning hair such as:

1-Rosemary oil, or rosemary soaked, if we are not able to obtain rosemary oil, we soak a little rosemary in water for the whole night, then filter it and use it directly on the scalp, but you must first try on a small part of the scalp to make sure that There is no allergy to Rose Mary.

2-Lavender oil, or lavender, works to re-grow hair, especially for people with alopecia areata.
3-Coconut oil is a wonderful essential oil that also contributes to hair softness and hydration.
4-Thyme oil Thyme oil is used to promote hair growth and improve blood circulation.

The most important masks to intensify and soften thin hair

There are some natural mixtures that help treat thinning hair, but you should stick to them for at least three months until you feel the difference.

There are some medical drugs that doctors write for their patients to intensify hair, but please do not take any prescriptions from the Internet and you must consult your doctor first:

Minoxidil MINOXIDIL: It is one of the medicines for high blood pressure, and works to expand the capillaries, and then deliver blood well to the follicles, and its medicinal forms vary, some in the form of tablets and in the form of a spray.

Onion extract: Onion extract is rich in sulfur, it also stimulates the hair to produce keratin, and cleanses the scalp from any fungi, and it is found under many commercial names, including Qilib.
Peptides: They are found naturally in our bodies, as they are responsible for protein formation and delivery to the hair follicles, and thus the hair becomes thicker and stronger, as for its medicinal form, it is mostly found in the form of solutions and shampoos.

Iron: Iron deficiency in the body is primarily responsible for hair loss, and there are many of its medicinal forms, but before taking it, it is necessary to go to the doctor and conduct analyzes and know its percentage in the blood, in order to take the appropriate dose.

Some medicinal solutions for thinning hair and ways to intensify it
Plasma injection:
it stimulates the growth of hair follicles again, but it is required that the follicles are still alive and will not die for a long time.
Collagen: its forms and types vary, and the doctor determines what is appropriate for each case.

Hair botox: treats damaged hair and strengthens its locks, as it is a mixture of botox and caviar oil, and also contains vitamin B5 and vitamin E.
Mesotherapy injection: Injecting hair nutrients into the scalp using very thin needles in the surface layer of the scalp.

It is worth noting that the life cycle of the hair ranges from two to six years at the latest, and it is on average three years to get a completely new hair, because the hair that falls is replaced by new hair, so we must take good care of the hair and take care to choose the appropriate products to get thick hair And healthy.

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