Tips for appealing custom e-liquid boxes

e-liquid packaging

If you are a brand dealing in e-liquids and searching for the right kind of custom e liquid boxes for it, this article is definitely for you. It lists some pointers that you can use when ordering e-liquid packaging for your brand the next time. Most e-liquid brands have switched to cardboard-based packaging boxes for packaging their products. The key to successful packaging is developing it, keeping in mind the needs and the preferences of the target market. It requires conducting a little bit of research. The research analysis will help identify the leading competition and the packaging trends it is following. Do not blindly copy or follow what the leading brands are doing. Note what you find attractive in their custom packaging. These identified factors can be sued as inspirations when ordering your own brand’s e-liquid packaging.

There are a few attributes that all effective e-liquid boxes must include. Some of them are listed below;

1. Product protection

The e-liquid packaging boxes must be sturdy enough to withstand the adverse effects of impacts and other damaging elements during; storage, display, shipping, transportation, etc. No matter how pretty you design your packaging boxes, if they fail to provide security of products to the customers, they will be considered as a flop. It will compel the customers to search for other alternatives and substitutes in the online and offline marketplaces. Don’t let poor packaging overshadow the finest quality of your products. Always order sturdy e-liquid boxes that provide maximum security to items placed inside them. To buy the best vape pen for e liquid and other vape accessories online, you can visit IvapeCloud online store.

2. Functional addons

Many brands follow the standard size and layouts for manufacturing custom window e-liquid boxes. But countless other brands acknowledge the power of product differentiation. Certain brands make use of different sizes and shapes and include a custom window in these custom boxes. It provides customers with the satisfaction of looking at the bottles packaged inside. The design of these custom liquid boxes is selected to blend well with the custom window option and the peeking bottles. Sometimes these bottles get stolen from the e-liquid display boxes because of their small size. The companies that want to step up against this problem invest time to design odd shapes in e-liquid packaging boxes that are difficult to hide. 

3. Custom E-Liquid Boxes Solid color printing

Gone are the days when custom e-liquid boxes require intricate patterns and details. Today they are designed in single solid colors. If the brand wants to experiment more, they use the same color gradients splash offset printing effects as resin designs on e-liquid packaging boxes. Always make sure to get guidance from the packaging experts in this regard if you do not have experience in packaging or printing before. Their team of professionals will guide you to select the right shade of color, which will look impressive on these custom boxes.

4. Eco-friendly E-Liquid Boxes Packaging

As the world becomes more aware of the serious impacts of littering and pollution, customers are now demanding that their favorite brands switch to eco friendly custom cardboard packaging options. It is beneficial for the brands as well. They can make use of the biodegradable stocks when selecting cardboard for their e-liquid packaging boxes. Since these stocks are crafted from already recycled material, they require lesser energy and fewer materials, which reduces their cost significantly. This means more money saving options for brands. Furthermore, the use of the biodegradable stocks enhances their customer-base by adding green consumers to it. A wider market segment automatically gives a boost to their sales in the long run.

It is a great approach to stay on top of the minds of the customers as they will appreciate this gesture of their favorite e-liquid brand and prefer them over other alternates and substitutes available in the market.