Tips To Improve Your Memory

Having a weak memory sucks. A lot of us seem to suffer from memory problems from time to time. However if these patterns keep repeating themselves then you might have a problem at your hand. First, it should be mentioned that genetics play a massive role in this matter. However, research has shown that unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating choices can also lead to this problem. Therefore, there is no one factor involved when it comes to weak memory. Stress can also play a role in weakening our memory. If your academic life is causing you stress and you are wondering if someone can do my class online for me then you can hire a service online.

Our memory is an extremely important aspect of our life. Since, if we think about it, our sense of being comes from our memory. Not having a good memory can surely have a negative impact on any person’s life. Weak memory can sabotage our performance at our jobs and it can impact our social life. As we have mentioned earlier, our lifestyle choices have a massive impact on our memory. We have compiled a list of some tips that can surely improve your memory.


Scientific benefits of meditation are still being explored by researchers worldwide. However, most of these researches have shown at least moderate level mental benefits of meditation practitioners. Majority of the life changing stories related to meditation are based on anecdotal evidence and personal stories. However, some meditation practices like mindfulness meditation have been showing significant positive results. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to have the same results on some percentage of people as behavioral therapies. Regular practice of mindfulness has shown decreased anxiety levels, stress levels and better memory. As it has been discussed, the scientific impacts of meditation are still a matter of inquiry among researchers. Although, meditation has never been linked to negative impacts on memory not to mention that it enjoys great popularity across the globe. Therefore, you might be able to improve your memory through meditation.

Stop Procrastinating

Sometimes what people consider a matter of weak memory is nothing but procrastination. Procrastination happens when we are disinterested in something and do not put in our 100% into it. For example, many times when we fail to remember some task assigned to us, it is not because of bad memory but because of bad priorities. Without even knowing, a lot of people put the important things way down in their list of priorities. This lack of responsibility leads to absent mindedness that results in foolish memory mistakes. If you were putting all your focus on something then you will surely have better chances of recalling it when necessary. Therefore, ask yourself whether you have bad memory or you are simply a procrastinator.


Sleep is maybe the most fundamental need of a human body. Research shows that when we go to sleep, our body removes the toxins in our brain that formed throughout the day. Sleeping overall serves many functions that recharge our brain and overall body for better functioning. The communication between your nerve cells (neurons) is also refreshed when you sleep. In present times, people in general tend to deal with very hectic schedules. Their jobs and other responsibilities require a great amount of time investment. Without understanding the consequences, people end up making the decision to compromise on their sleep. You should not do that by any means. Any average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep time each day and that is necessary for the normal functioning of memory.

Schedule Your Day

Maybe your memory does not suck and simply not keeping track of your life. If you have the habit of trying to remember things and not noting them down somewhere then you are overestimating the human brain. There is a massive amount of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Without keeping a schedule, you are asking way too much from your memory. You will have a good recall value about things when they were focused upon and you can focus on things when they are in your schedule. They are some brilliant apps that can help you in remembering important tasks throughout the day.

Stop Multitasking

There is a book named “the one thing” which came out in the year 2013 and immediately received great acclaim among critics and fans. The premise of the book was based on this basic single idea, that at any given time you should focus on one important task. The book presented research backed evidence that showed that human brains are not made for multitasking. This is a very interesting idea because at times we take pride in being multitaskers, despite the fact that multitasking is a myth.

Let’s look at this concept in a simplified manner. Our brains have limited amounts of bandwidth for focusing. We can either invest 100% of our bandwidth on one thing or divide that bandwidth into multiple areas. Doing the latter will lead to undesirable results in all areas of focus. Your memory will improve significantly if you make this a habit that at any given time I will focus on doing one thing only.

Eradicate Stress

Being stressed out is not a good state to be in because it is harmful for our body. Secondly, it blows things out of proportion in our perception. Taking too much stress is directly linked to having a bad memory. You might have noticed that during moments of great shock, people shortly forget how to perform basic tasks like tying their shoes. This is because of the stress that is acting upon their body. Try to keep your stress levels in check and your memory will benefit immensely.  

Use Visual Aid

Visual aid is used extensively at kindergarten and primary school levels for kids’ learning. This is because the human brain can process visual information with convenience. Visual information is universal in nature, you do not have to speak a language to understand visual information. The image of an apple signifies the same meaning the world over. When you are trying to learn something new, try to use visual aid to maximize your chances of remembering it for longer periods.

Visit A Health Expert

As we mentioned in the very start of this blog, genetics play a major part in an individual’s memory. Looking for ways to improve your memory by surfing on the internet can be effective but is not the best action to take in this matter. If you think that you have a memory problem then it might be best for you to visit an expert. Neurologists are the doctors that specialize in the workings of the brain and nervous system. Visiting them might provide you with the best advice on this matter. In case you are thinking if someone can do my class online for me, then you can get quality assistance from trustworthy platforms online.