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Tips to Maintain Your Event Safety Along with Security During COVID-19?

The year 2020 has been the most devastating year for every industry. However, the most affected sector shall remain the hospitality and event industry in 2021. Today, in this new year, when the world is bouncing back to face the harshness of COVID-19 firmly, the event industry has a considerable responsibility vis-à-vis visitors, customer, and partners. If they fail to maintain the new standard protocols, they might cancel several events like the previous year.

Based on some information and protocols, the final decisions are made to organise an event with full safety and security amid COVID-19. This post will tell how event management companies in UAE are planning to execute their event planning.

How Can You Organise an Event Amid the Pandemic?

First of all, you have to make sure that the government has granted you the right to carry out the event. You must adhere to the government’s rules and regulations for the COVID-19 situation. There must be zero-contact during most events, and no one should be medically infected. You must also have a sanitising set up at the entrance.

General Guidelines for Holding Event During COVID-19 in Dubai

  • To ensure no infected person is a part of the event, the event agency Dubai can ask for a written verification for immunity. The verification can be a swab test result done a day or two ago. 
  • The event management companies in UAE can also arrange for a quick test on the audience’s spot. The rapid test can be coordinated in advance with relevant health authorities. The test must be complimentary.
  • No unauthorised person can enter the event premises. 

Moreover, the audience must carry, and thus, wear face masks. The organisers can also supply face masks for those who forget to bring it.

General Hygiene Guidelines for Events During COVID-19

  • Doors of the event venues must be kept open till the last guest enters the forum. This will prevent transmission of the virus from touch.
  • Door handles, staircase handles, and other common touchpoints must be sanitised based on a regular time interval.
  • Dispensers and disinfectants must be available at different entrances and exits locations.

Rules for Staff and Contributors During COVID-19

There are definite sets of rules and regulations for the event staff. The event management companies in UAE implement these protocols currently:

  • The event staff working for one particular task must work in small groups for a definite time in that area. They must maintain social distancing among them. 
  • All the participants and the staff must carry masks and must wear them.
  • They must also carry a hand sanitiser along with them and never shall break any of the rules. Failing of the rules might lead them to expulsion.

Requirements for an Event During COVID-19

The areas must be differentiated among occupied, VIP guests, and moving traffic areas for different events and venues. Active areas include all areas of the forum where visitors remain there for the significant period of the time. The risk of contact is high in such locations, so sanitising steps must be taken.

Measures Required to Be Taken Around the Presentation Areas

The seating place must be appropriately planned, keeping adequate space between two adjacent seats or keeping one seat vacate between two.

Arrangement for other particular areas that any event agency Dubai must take are:

The Entrance/Cloak Room

The staff must look for suitable access methods for the guest’s guest by the security groups. There must be a distance of 1.5m between two adjacent seats.

Presentation and Catering Areas

There must be suitable seating arrangement with enough spacing between two seats and additional equipment like floor markings, and the organisers can add walking barriers to monitor guest movement.

Sanitary Facilities

Access to sanitary facilities must be monitored too. Floor markings and walking barriers can be installed to maintain the distance between two guests. There can be sensor-based equipment inside the washroom for zero-touch sanitary facilities, and an installed hand sanitiser device can be kept outside the doors to use it every time before opening the door.

In general, the following rules are applied to all areas:

  • For events, the event plans must be prepared according to the authorities’ permission and submitted to the relevant authorities.
  • Advance capacity planning is another essential aspect of pre-planning any event amid COVID-19. This planning will help the event management companies in UAE to make sufficient arrangement prior to the event.

Additional Hygiene Concepts for the Events

A comprehensive hygiene concept will be planned by a specialist based on ISO standards and HACCP’s ideas.

·   Another standard plan can be made based on HACCP monitoring and evaluation of consent with the event’s standard plan.

·  A hygiene officer can be appointed to keep an eye on all the event’s activity.

Measures to Be Taken on Arrival and Departure of the Guests

If the guests are using local transport facilities to appear at the venue, they must adhere to the guidelines enforced by the event agency Dubai. Guests must avoid carpooling, and shuttle buses must adhere to the maximum capacity, and the distance must be maintained.

Separate entrance and exit gates must be planned for allowing the guest to enter and leave the event venue. Sanitisation centres or systems must be installed to prevent any transmission of viruses.

Additional Points to Be Kept in Mind

Ventilation of the Venue

Proper ventilation arrangement must be present in all the rooms. The small rooms must have adequate air conditioning options with a low ceiling to properly circulate air.

Food and Catering Services

Food hygiene is the most crucial aspect, and the ISO and HACCP standards must adhere.

The food must be pre-portioned and served in sealed packaging. If food is being served unpackaged, then there must be spit protection walls, the staff must wear masks and social-distancing must be maintained. Self-service must be prohibited.

The seating arrangements during serving must have a minimum distance between the persons having their meal on one table. Reusable cutlery and dishes and glasses must be washed in high-temperature dishwashing system.

Manual washing methods must be prohibited. Contamination must be eradicated, or adequate hygiene level must be maintained before packaging food.

Self-service centres should be allowed only for individual packaging or for collecting plates and cutlery.

Final Thoughts

The present conditions are harsh for any working sector, and we have to bounce back with time. We hope you have gained ample information about how event management companies in UAE must plan the different departments and locations of an event. With proper planning and efficient execution, every event will be a big hit.Read more : Event Organizer

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