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Myths about wholesale cardboard boxes are many more than you think. However, you have to ignore them. We will tell you the common myths about them. Getting wholesale cardboard boxes can benefit businesses in different ways. There are different kinds of materials to manufacture packages. However, cardboard stock stands out. You can easily design them in various ways.

That makes it easier for you to design them in the desired manner. It is also convenient to ensure that they have amazing protection abilities. These things show how superior they are. However, many myths about them are quite popular. You must ignore these. That is why we are going to mention the top five myths about them that you should not care about.


It is among the top misconceptions about the custom cardboard box. Many people think that these packages cost a lot when buying them in bulk. Due to this, many of them are reluctant to buy them in higher quantities. This perception is because they think that these packages do not last long. Moreover, they can cost much because most of them go to waste after some time. That is not true at all. It is because they are cost-effective. It is easy to get them at a lower cost when getting them in bulk quantity. Businesses can get free shipping and many more benefits in terms of cost. These things are impressive in this regard. Therefore, you can easily ignore this myth.


Talking about cardboard boxes, many people think that they are not durable. It is because of their biodegradability and delicate nature when they meet the moisture. However, in reality, they are not that bad. When compared to metal boxes, they can be less durable. However, the difference in cost is huge. Many people also think that they are not highly protective due to this thing as well. Both of them are misconceptions. In addition, the reality is the opposite. They are durable due to the sturdy sheet used in manufacturing them. Laminating them with vinyl makes them moisture resistant as well. There are different kinds of things businesses can do to make them more protective.


It is the most common misconception about them. Many people think that they are not customizable. It is because many brands use the natural color of these packages without any customization. That is the main reason behind this thinking. There are different kinds of things that businesses can do to make them in a customized manner. There are different kinds of customizations that you can do on them as if their shape is customizable. It is also possible to customize their colors. Brands can print them with the desired information as well. These things show that this is not more than a misconception. That is why you must ignore this one.


It is the worse misconception about a custom box. Some people think that they are a waste of money. They think that they do not serve any purpose. Moreover, they also think that customers do not even care about them, as well. However, in reality, various studies show that customers care about packaging quite well. They can affect perception about the customers in many ways as well. You can also use them to attract customers. They can affect the perception of the customers about the brand as well. That is a great reason to ignore this misconception about them.


Talking about a major misconception about the cardboard packages, this is the one. It is because many people do consider these packages due to the myth that their manufacturing takes a lot of time. That is not true as modern technology makes it easier for many businesses to make them in quick succession. Lead-time is as low as 5 days in many cases. Some businesses can also provide quicker service for some extra amount. These things show that they are quite impressive when we talk about their manufacturing time. Which indicates you have to ignore this one.

Buying wholesale cardboard boxes can easily allow the customers to get them at a low price. Different kinds of customization options are also there that you can get by getting these packages in bulk quantity. There were some myths about them. We have shown the common ones that you must ignore.

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