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When it comes to visiting a country for a holiday or looking for work, Canada is one of the top choices. The Canadian government has always been open & welcoming to immigrants as well as visitors who come for a brief stay. Canada provides a wide range of visas for a variety of purposes, & offers almost 100 immigration programs to cater to people with different needs. Individuals who wish to work, start a business, or bring their family to Canada can apply for specialized visas.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is one of the most popular programs these days. This program allows people to enter Canada and work for a limited period.

The program does contain a lot of technicalities that necessitate the hiring of a competent immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys have extensive knowledge of various programs and can assist clients in selecting the best one based on their specific needs and requirements.

What Is The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

It is a temporary work visa in Canada designed by the Canadian government to give chances to foreign workers seeking temporary employment in Canada. There is no time limit on how long you may work as a temporary worker in Canada. The amount of time is determined by the number of hours mentioned on your employment offer or could be the amount of time specified on your Labour Market Impact Assessment. The program assists Canadian firms in hiring foreign workers. It also ensures that these international employees have the rights and protections they require in order to work securely in Canada.

During this period, the foreign worker is only permitted to work for one employer. They must follow Canadian laws. When a worker’s work permit and visa are about to expire, he or she can request an extension or leave Canada and return to their native country. The program assists Canadian firms in hiring foreign workers.

Requirement For Temporary Foreign Worker Program

To become a temporary foreign worker in Canada, you must meet some standards. The Canadian government wants to preserve the jobs of its nationals and permanent residents, thus proving that the foreign worker is very important to a Canadian firm is required. As a result, one of the most crucial prerequisites for becoming a temporary foreign worker is to complete a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Aside from having an LMIA, other requirements include having an offer letter from the employer in hand. The applicant must also show evidence to the immigration officer stating that he or she will return to his or her home country when the work permit expires. It is also critical to exhibit assets & funds in the bank account to demonstrate that one has the money for survival in Canada. You must establish that you have no criminal history. It is also essential to verify that you will not work for an employer that provides sexual services.

Steps To Apply For The TFW Program

  • Seek A Job

To obtain the visa the applicant needs to have a job offer from a Canadian employer before applying for the work permit. So the first step is to seek work.

  • Obtain LMIA

Your employer must apply to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for the LMIA, which will examine the impact of employing you (a foreign worker) on the Canadian labor market. If your employer is authorized for the LMIA, you may go to the next phase; however, if the LMIA is refused, the employer must either try again or you can find another work.

  • Apply For The Visa

Now comes the most important phase. Obtaining a TFW visa is filled with obstacles. Hiring an immigration attorney can help your case and reduce the odds of your application being denied.

  • Other Requirements Include A Medical Exam and An Interview

Most visas need medical examinations. Canada wants to ensure that it is welcoming healthy individuals to visit and remain in the country. You can get a medical test done by any certified doctor who will sign the relevant documentation for you once you have undergone the necessary exams. You must attend the interview on time and truthfully answer the visa officer’s questions, as well as complete the biometric process.

  • Wait For Approval

The final stage is the interview with the visa officer. All that remains is to wait for the procedure to complete. The typical processing period varies by nation, however, it might take anywhere from 3 to 27 weeks.

Recent Changes in the TFW Program

In response to a countrywide labor shortfall, some steps were announced on April 4, 2020, in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The administration has declared that the temporary foreign worker program’s rules & regulations would be relaxed. The following are some of the key changes:

LMIAs’ duration is being extended from 9 to 18 months. In addition, the maximum length of employment for High-Wage and Global Talent Stream employees will be increased from two to three years. This extension will assist employees in qualifying for new paths to permanent residency, allowing them to contribute to the Canadian workforce in the long run. In addition to these measures, the Seasonal Cap Exemption, which has been in effect since 2015, will be extended indefinitely. The amount of low-wage employment that companies in seasonal sectors can fill through the TFWP will no longer be limited. The maximum period of employment for these occupations will be extended from 180 to 270 days per year.

Contact Experienced Lawyers From ACE To Help You

TFW Program does require a lot of technicalities that, if pursued on your own, may result in your application being refused. Our lawyers, with their wealth of experience, will be able to advise you on how to move forward with this program. We will handle everything, from gathering your documentation to carefully assembling your profile. Also, it is our team’s responsibility to be available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case you have any questions, and it is the duty of our immigration lawyers to be transparent with our clients.