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Traits Of An Amazing Yoga Teacher

You might not be able to truly understand the true meaning of yoga without a yoga teacher. A great yoga teacher ensures that the students reach the heights of their yoga journeys. However, there are many things that a yoga teacher should strive for.

Implementing the below-mentioned traits adds up to make you a great yoga teacher one day. Keep reading.

Top Qualities Of A Yoga Teacher You Should Strive For

Love For Yoga

Unless you love yoga, you can never extol its full potential for your students. Loving it means having a deep and clear understanding of various facets of yoga and its elements. You must be a long time yoga practitioner along with having a yoga certification in your arsenal.

You need to experience the hardships to experience how beginner yoga practitioners might feel. Then only you can teach properly while keeping in mind the needs of your students.

No Ego

An egoistic person takes him or her as the most superior being. Thus, he or she regards her or his decision as to the final one. However, that should not be present in you if you want to be a good yoga teacher.

Leave your ego out of the door. It is not just about practicing yoga but instilling the true essence of yoga in your students’ lives. It could be only be done when you are ready to learn new things and different perspectives.

Great Communication Skills

Having great communication skills is the topmost quality of a good yoga teacher. It is through the rhythm and tone of your voice that you will convey your message. So, you if are speaking roughly, your students might not ask questions.

It keeps your students in a state of constant fear of coming in your way of teaching. Thus, you might not be able to form a stronger bond with your students. You should connect on a deeper level with your students. Thus, you have to develop communication skills to exchange ideas and thoughts with your students.

Helping Nature

You need to understand that you are way ahead of your students in terms of yoga knowledge and practice. However, that should not give way to the birth of ignorance or arrogance in you. Rather you should be humble and ever-ready to help your students or other yoga practitioners.

You should cultivate a strong desire to help yoga practitioners. It leads to developing a feeling of compassion and understanding among you and your students. Even your students look up to you to understand something related to yoga practice.

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True To The Core

What you have inside your core is reflected through your actions. You need to structure a yoga routine that reflects your yoga form or style. That makes you a genuine yoga practitioner. However, you can seek inspiration in other venerable yoga gurus. But you should avoid copying someone else’s style of teaching yoga.

You need to show warmth and compassion towards your students. When your students perceive you, they come to realize which traits they need to have as a yoga teacher.


A yoga teacher plays a significant role in how well a yoga practitioner learns. When you resonate with your students, both of you grow evenly. Also, you form a closer connection with your students when you behave in a humble and down to earth manner.

It becomes easier to gain the trust of your students. Thus, you practice yoga more intensely, balancing you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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