Video Types to Inspire Your Next Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Do you want to kick-start your marketing campaign using visual content? If yes then it is always smart to make the most of your investments with the right type of video types to grow your business. Here are the top types of videos to inspire your next corporate video production:

Brand Story Video – This is one of the most common types of promotional videos that can help you create brand awareness through quick summary of the brand. It’s often the first step when you’re getting your business in front of prospects. This type of video production works best when they’re emotionally compelling. The best part about this type of videos is that they are high-level, visual, and implicit rather than explicit.

Company Overview Video – This is another common type of video production, which is much similar to the Brand Story video. The company overview videos are aimed to help showcase your company to the target audience. The best part about company overview videos is that they are more explicit and detailed than a brand story video, but an important thing to keep in mind is that these videos don’t need to be longer. The video must showcase how your business is different to the others with other key capabilities, features, and benefits of your company.

Internal Video Communications – In the other promotional videos, businesses mostly communicate with the customers, but when it comes to the internal video communications, they mostly communicate with the employees, partners and others. These videos are more useful in encouraging the team members for better production as well as quality.

Animated Explainer Video – When the budget is low and you cannot afford to wait for weeks to prepare a promotional video or product video, it is suggested to go with the animated explainer videos that are created using animation technology.  Since there is no real human being is involved, this type of videos are more affordable than the other types of videos, making them an interesting, effective way to communicate something complicated or intangible. This type of videos work well for Products or Service Demonstration videos.

Testimonial Video – Have you ever visited a hospital or a hotel where you saw big LEDs that displayed people talking about the brand and its services that make them different and better than others on the market? If yes, then you already know testimonial videos as they are aimed for highlighting happy customers saying great things about the business. What makes them effective is that real customers talk about your brand, making the videos reliable and effective.

Case Study Video – This type of videos are just like the Testimonial videos, with a difference that there is only one customer or brand and they are more detailed with a story that talks why they needed your business, how you collaborated, and the successful outcome. This is one of the most effective and result-oriented type of corporate video production.