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Ways to Cure Constipation Using Castor Oil

Castor oil: A major issue in everyone’s life that is not so easy to share is constipation. You want yourself healthy. The first condition of being healthy is to keep your stomach healthy. Constipation is not just an occasional disease like cold but it can sometimes be a permanent issue for you.

Using Castor Oil

There has been a number of people facing. This problem every day this not so easy to share a mindset. You can surely not tell someone about it. They might judge you and in return, you have no answer to it. The only thing you can do id to cure the disease.

Methods of curing constipation

Before you try to cure it, you must know how it is to be cured in your body. Accordingly, you can find a better solution for yourself. In your body, when your bowel doesn’t have enough lubrication to help the staff to move out, you face such issues. So, the first thing is to provide proper lubrication and help it to come out.

Here, we will be sharing the methods of curing constipation. The most effective medicine for constipation that can be used is this oil. It’s a natural medicine for constipation and in this article, we will be sharing the methods you can use to cure constipation using castor oil. We will not just tell you to use castor oil but also the reasons behind it. When you scroll below, you will find very effective 6 ways of curing constipation with castor oil.

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  1. If constipation is not a regular thing for you, you must avoid to take any kind of medicine natural or synthetic but let it get cured by your body itself. The very easiest method for it is drinking more and more water. This way, your intestines can get more water which also helps them to create lubrication and help to flow it out of your body. You can also have a very little amount of castor oil to speed up the process along with the water. This will provide multiple lubrication and the process will be faster and better. You can easily buy this oil online using milkbasket coupons with great offers.

  1. Castor oil is not so good for some patients if they have other diseases so you must be taking castor oil in a very limited amount with something to dilute it like water or juice. This way, you can reduce its side effects and use it to cure your constipation. This is the process most of people use.
  2. You must be taking just 15-60 mL of castor oil not more than that. This is the standard amount of castor oil prescribed by doctors to their patient and it would be even better if you get your prescription from your doctor. If that is not possible, you can simply go with these standard doses.
  3. If you have constipation for a longer time and you want some quick actions, it is better to take castor oil with an empty stomach. This way, your body can use present fluid and castor oil for the lubrication process instead of digestion and other biological processes. This process is the fastest and most effective.

Digestion System

  1. Do not use castor oil for a longer time to help your digestion system. It actually weakens your body and it is not a good thing. That is why it is prescribed to take castor oil in diluted for juice or water. You must not be taking castor oil for longer than 7 days for any reason. If the problem is not cured, you might switch to other medicine after consulting your doctor but it is not a good option to use this as a regular diet.
  2. Take your doses at the same time. If you want better results for your bowel, you must take the dose at the same time you took the last day. Prefer it with an empty stomach and early morning and at the same time. This helps your body to maintain its processes effectively without major side effects. The same time may sound funny but this really helps a lot.  Especially to those who have this issue on a regular basis, you must have the habit of intaking castor oil at a particular time only.


you are aware of the fact that castor oil is very good medicine to cure constipation if taken properly with proper care of dosage. This may also have side effects so ask the doctor for sure. This is never advised to pregnant women or persons with other diseases so consult your doctor before you use it.

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