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What Alternatives are there to the Clover POS system?

Clover POS system is the right choice for all sizes of businesses because it gives ways to manage operations in different locations with the most advanced features. However, it has some drawbacks that will lead to various problems. Businesses willing to replace the system should know the alternatives that will help invest money depending on the needs. While several POS systems available in the markets, not all of them are the same and a business should choose the best alternatives to Clover that will help obtain optimal results.

Here is the list of some POS systems businesses can consider instead of Clover.

  1. Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services is one of the great alternatives to the Clover POS system because it suits any type of business. It has amazing all-round systems that fit new businesses when they want to earn high revenues. Moreover, the POS accepts debit card and credit card payments of customers anywhere from mobile phones with ease. Host Merchant Services has top rated customer service and the lowest rate for a merchant account.  They offer Clover, but also many alternatives for merchants with other needs. The other POS systems offered by Host Merchant Services offer distinct advantages over Clover letting businesses accomplish their goals with high success rates.

  1. Shopify 

Shopify POS lets businesses sell their products or services online with minimal configuration by implementing an advanced homepage section. The platform provides methods to integrate with apps enabling businesses to add some extra features and functionalities to a store. Apart from that, the system offers more security and reliability to both customers and businesses to minimize unwanted problems. Furthermore, the POS system covers powerful marketing tools for a business that give ways to grow sales in markets. Also, it offers 24/7 customer support via email, phone, or live chat for resolving any issues immediately. The POS provides flat-rate payment processing on all accounts that help gain more advantages.

  1. ShopKeep

ShopKeep POS is suitable for both online and offline businesses which come with some outstanding features. Some of them include in-house payment processing, excellent customer support, choice of payment processors, and several hardware options. It even provides methods to organize the inventory properly to store products in advance. The system allows businesses to view sales and other details from a desktop, tablet device, or mobile phone with high accuracy. In addition to that, it enables merchants to take their business to the next levels that help generate more revenues.

  1. Lightspeed 

Businesses seeking an alternative to the Clover POS system can consider Lightspeed because it covers the most advanced retail-specific functions at very reasonable prices. Some other features offered by the system include fast checkout, inventory management, comprehensive software, employee management, purchase orders, and so on. The primary advantage of this POS system is that it gives ways to streamline the business operations efficiently that help get the desired results. Apart from that, the POS system works on any Mac or IOS devices letting users make card payments without any hassles. It also offers additional hardware such as barcode scanners and receipt printers that will boost the infrastructure of a retail business. 

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