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What is defragmentation and how to defrag Windows 10 computers

The term defragmentation can be referred to a process where you move all the scattered data blocks closely from multiple locations. This process helps to speed up the data reading process while accessing the data. Well, in new PC devices, defragmentation is not necessary as it manages all the data automatically. But doing this will make your device more accessible and reliable.

Steps to defrag Windows 10 computer:

  1. Press the Windows key from the keyboard
  2. Go to the search bar and type defragment
  3. From the results, select Defragment and optimize your drives option
  4. The optimize driver wizard will be displayed
  5. You will get a list of drives which can defrag and optimize
  6. Now click on the drive you want to defrag and click on Optimize button

You have to wait until the defrag process completes. Once complete, you can resume your tasks. A user should defrag the PC regularly for keeping it clean. In case you are unable to defrag the PC and an error message appears on the screen then fix the error immediately. Many users reported that they are getting code: 0x80070015 while defragmenting the PC.

Ways to resolve 0x80070015 error code:

Run a Windows File scan tool

The error code can be displayed when the Windows files get damaged. The corrupted files can lead to various Windows-related errors. Editing and restoring these files manually is not easy. You need technical knowledge for restoring Windows files. You can also make use of the Windows File Checker tool for this job. This is an inbuilt tool on Windows 10 device which can scan for broken files and fix them. User can run the Windows file checker tool by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar
  2. On the search bar, type run and click on the result
  3. Windows run wizard will be displayed
  4. Type cmd (command) on the wizard

Press the Enter button and command screen will appear

Now type sfc/scannow on the black screen and press the Enter button. The sfc tool will run on your device and start searching for errors. The scannow tool will take some time to complete. Restart the Windows 10 computer after completing the Windows scan process. Perform the defrag steps and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Scan the Windows 10 for malware

People often use the internet on their devices without installing any security software program on their device. Unsecure internet is like the home to various malicious programs. When the user clicks on the link, malware gets installed on the PC. These malicious programs can interrupt your processes and damage various files. If you suspect any kind of malicious activities on your computer then run a malware scan. Use a reliable antivirus to flush out the malware from your computer and then try to defrag the device.

Clear all type of junk from PC

Your device accumulates lots of junk from time to time. If you don’t clean the junk then it will occupy your free disk space. Sometimes junk like temp files can also interrupt various Windows processes. When you get the error code while defragmenting the PC then you should try cleaning the device. Remove all the temp files accumulated on the computer. Run disk cleanup tool for removing junk. 

  1. Go to search bar
  2. Type run and click on the result
  3. On the run wizard, type cmd
  4. Press the Enter button

Now type cleanmgr on the black screen (command screen) and again press the Enter. This tool will search for all the junk on the PC and list them out. Choose the junk to delete and press the OK button. Now restart the computer and perform defragmentation. 

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