What is Volumetric Video?

volumetric video

We’ve all heard a ton about volume. We even ran trials to quantify volume in secondary school. Presently we can record the scene volumetrically with Volumetric video innovations.

Prior to responding to the topic of what is volumetric video capture, we should take a gander at the solution to the subject of what is volume.

Volume is an evaluation of the three-layered space involved by a substance. For instance, when we measure the volume of glass, we measure how much fluid it can hold.

What Is Volumetric Video?

Since it has become so undeniably obvious what volume is, what is volumetric video? Volumetric video is a field of media creation method that catches a three-layered space like a spot, individual, or any item. Volumetrically caught articles, conditions, and living substances can be moved to the web, versatile or virtual universes for normal 3D review.

The contrast Between 360 Degree Video and Volumetric Video

We responded to the topic of what is volumetric video. Nonetheless, the volumetric video is mistaken for 360-degree video.

360 video or 360-degree recordings are vivid, round video accounts where a view toward each path is recorded at the same time.

These shots require an omnidirectional camera or assortment of cameras set up to accomplish the 360 views. The reason for 360 recordings is to inundate the watcher in the experience as though they were there.

Since volumetric video keeps an individual in their genuine aspects and shape, they can be seen from every one of those points. In a video caught volumetrically, individuals can take a gander at any piece of the video and move around. Truth be told, they can be somewhat the manager of the video. The volumetric video gives the client an even more clear feeling of presence.

To catch volumetric video, various cameras are ready on the article or climate to be recorded. After the primary video shoot, the scene is handled to make a progression of 3D models organized in arrangement. At last, networks are opened, surfaces are made, then everything is packed into an information document fit to be seen.

What the client encounters while watching this shot on a VR headset or through expanded reality glasses is an advanced existence where they can stroll around, look from all points, so, be straightforwardly inside the scene.

Volumetric video is the only way to duplicate 100% of human movements and emotions in 3D. For example, animated faces are replicated and can never be the exact same as the person itself, which could lead to the aesthetical problem of the uncanny valley. Furthermore, if preproduction is done well volumetric video is way more efficient than animating a moving person. Where 3 or 4 seconds of high-quality animation could take up to a week of work, one-minute volumetric video production is rendered in 10 hours. This of course leads to saving money as well.

This technology has endless opportunities for enterprise. These include employee training, education, customer service, corporate communications, product auditing, marketing, advertising, brand recognition, and more.

The future of Volumetric Video

Volumetric video is the revolutionary innovation and future of video recording. The volumetric video allows the audience to focus on the content and therefore the message by reflecting the unique visual and emotional reality of the filmed actors to the audience. The future of video is volumetric.

The increasing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies has especially triggered the furthering of volumetric video capturing and streaming system as key technology. Spaceport product developed by Ant Media creates an end-to-end solution to capture dynamic scenes and offers a truly three-dimensional viewing experience with 6 Degrees of Freedom. In addition, it supports video playback on VR goggles, web browsers, and mobile devices.

As a result, Volumetric video is rapidly developing and gaining a place in our rapidly digitalizing world. With the rapid increase in video consumption, the need for video has also changed. Viewers don’t just want to watch anymore, they want to become a part of the video. Spaceport Volumetric Video Capturing and Streaming Solution helps you here.