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What You Need To Know About International Women’s Day

For many years now, the holiday of March 8 has brought more romance, love and happy moments into our lives. On this day, our men commit knightly deeds, give flowers and treat us like princesses and queens. And so it would be desirable, that the holiday of Women`s Day was every day and never came to an end. However, alas, all good things end up and Women`s Day is no exception.

The first who decided to defend their rights, to fight for the best conditions of work, as well as to ensure that their salaries were higher than they are, were workers of textile factories in the city of New York. The next attempt was a rally organized by Women`s Day New York activists who advocated for women’s rights. In 1910, at one of the conferences, Clara Zetkin proposed annually celebrating the day of all women. Now, no one has yet spoken about the day certain and the exact date.

The following year, the holiday of Women`s Day was celebrated for the first time and continued to be in different countries, interday only. And only in 1914, it was Women`s Day that was observed at once in six states at the same time. However, this was the one last time, since then the First World War began, which continued to live without this holiday. Nevertheless, after the Bolsheviks came to power, Women`s Day was remembered again and made it an official holiday. However, at first, they wanted to make it ideological, who would fight against Orthodoxy in the country, but then he became truly popular.

There is another official version of where this day comes from. According to it, March 8 was summed up under the well-known political event namely the mass working women demonstration in New York in 1857. However, there is no documentary confirmation of this historical fact, so the first official women’s rally is considered to be a speech by New York workers on March 8, 1908.

According to the third version, Zetkin wanted to connect the history of the female socialist movement with the history of the Jewish people. There is a legend about the beloved of Persian king Xerxes named Esther, who, taking advantage of her influence on him, saved the Jews from extermination. It was a holiday of Purim. The date is staggering, but it was in 1910 that it fell on March 8.

Another version is related to events from Russian history. March 8, 1917 (February 23 according to the old style) is the official date of the beginning of the February Revolution, as a result of which the Provisional Government came to power. In Petrograd, a series of rallies and strikes against the monarchist system took place. One of them was attended by workers of a textile factory who put forward the slogan of equality between women and men.

It took a while for the holiday to take root. In 1911, it was celebrated on March 19 in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. In 1912, it was May 12, and starting from 1914 it was March 8.

In 1977, the United Nations adopted a special resolution calling on all countries to proclaim March 8 as the day of the struggle for women’s rights – International Women’s Day.

Mimosa is the symbol of March 8 in Russia. In Europe, this flower is considered one of the unofficial symbols of Valentine’s Day. In Montenegro and France, there is even a festival dedicated to a mimosa.

In Madagascar, March 8 is a day off only for the members of the female gender, but in China, it is a working day, albeit a holiday.

In the United States, International Women’s Day is basically not celebrated, as Americans believe that they have achieved equality, for which it was all about. Every year, activists of civic and political movements recall him. American women do not get flowers on this day.

In Germany and Poland, March 8 is a working day. For them, this holiday carries an unpleasant socialist connotation. After the reunification of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic on March 8, some time was still celebrated in the eastern part of Germany, but globally the tradition did not take root. Women are honored here on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in May.

In the French media, this holiday, although it is referred to as International Women’s Day, is celebrated only by communists and other leftists. Like the Germans, the French honor women on Mother’s Day. And young girls are congratulated on Valentine’s Day.

March 8 is of great importance for the Cubans. They arrange noisy feasts to express their love, gratitude, respect, and honor to their mother, wife, sister, and daughter.

The Italians did not belong to the former socialist camp but treat March 8 as well as the Russians. True, they have no day off on this day. Interestingly, that Italians celebrate March 8 separately from men. They gather by women’s companies and go to a restaurant or cafe. In the evening, bars with male striptease work throughout Rome, for women the entrance is free. By the way, a similar holiday existed in ancient Rome.

In Vietnam, women have been receiving greetings for two thousand years. However, before this holiday was called Sisters Ching Memorial Day. These were courageous girls who led the liberation war of the Vietnamese against Chinese aggression. When their military was surrounded, the girls rushed into the river rather than surrender. After the win of socialism in Vietnam, sisters Ching memorial day smoothly grew on March 8th.

Today, this holiday is not a day of equality, but a day of spring of love, spiritual wisdom, and especially attention to a woman. On this day, women are somehow beautiful and sweet, and men are gallant and courageous.

And so on this day, you should not argue about who will slave over a hot stove and prepare a celebratory dinner. Men, at least on this day, can help a woman to relax and enjoy her professional holiday. However, men should not forget that women remain women not only on this day, but also on December 31 and July 13, and she should feel like a real woman in these and others.

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