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Where to buy gold bars in vancouver

Gold bars are available in Vancouver bullion through local coin shops, banks, jewelry stores and gold exchanges. Vancouver is home to many expert gold-smiths, artisans and dealers.

Gold bars are available in a variety of sizes, weights and purities – including an option that caters for virtually any budget.

For instance the Canadian Maple Leaf gold bar is 99.99% pure bullion bar manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint. It comes with an assay card certifying its weight and authenticity attached to each bar’s packaging along with important security features such as laser etched serial numbers to prevent counterfeiting or duplication. The current cost at Vancouver Bullion Brokers’ store front location on Main Street is $1,529 CAD per ounce ( 31.1035 g). Vancouver Bullion Brokers also provides their customers with access to live gold price charts, up-to-date news and precious metals market updates.

Most investors prefer bullion bars or coins: Most investors prefer bullion bars or coins because gold bars and silver bars have a lower premium than gold coins or silver coins. They can be bought at a Vancouver dealer for a cheaper price but because the market is very competitive it’s best to shop around before you buy. There are many Vancouver Bullion dealers that sell bullion, Vancouver Gold stations where investors can sell their Vancouver gold for cash etc.

At Vancouver Gold Buyers you can pick up a 100 gram pure gold bar for $1,574 CAD per ounce (99.9% purity) or a 10 oz variant is available for $15,749 CAD per unit ($2.50 over spot per ounce). Vancouver Gold Buyers is another Vancouver B.C. store that deals in major coinage currencies alongside bars of various sizes and purity levels from mints around the world including the Swiss Credit Suisse bar which they carry for $1,550 CAD per ounce ($11.00 under spot) as of July 9th, 2013. Vancouver Gold Buyers offer their clients 24 hour access to live gold price charts updated on a regular basis.

Vancouver is a top destination among Canadians: Vancouver is a top destination among Canadians because most people who live there can walk everywhere so long commutes are not an issue at all and unlike most Canadian cities, walking is the best way to see Vancouver’s sights since Vancouver is a beautiful city with lots of Vancouver Attractions. Vancouver has many Vancouver Landmarks that people from all over the world come to see. 

You can also buy gold bars in Vancouver at the Vancouver Coin Gallery which has been in business for over 21 years on Main Street. They carry 99.99% pure Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins/bars available in various weights and purities including 50 gram bars at $1,613 per ounce or $723 per half ounce while the 100 gram variant is available for $3,098 CAD ($15 under spot). Vancouver Coin Gallery offers free delivery both locally and internationally with their products securely posted by courier service insured against loss or damage during transit. Vancouver Coin Gallery is one of Vancouver’s oldest and most respected coin shops. Vancouver Coin Gallery also provides its clients with access to live gold price charts updated by Vancouver Gold Prices every 60 seconds as well as up-to-date gold market news and precious metals market updates.

Other Vancouver B.C. gold bars available at Vancouver Bullion Brokers include the 1 oz Credit Suisse gold bar which is currently priced at $138 over spot or the Austrian 100 Corona gold coin/bar for $1,500 CAD per ounce (currently offered at $10 under spot). Vancouver Bullion Brokers offers free delivery across Canada on all products purchased locally in Vancouver valued at $2,000 CAD or more within one week of placing your order. One of Vancouver’s premier bullion dealers Vancouver Bullion Brokers also offers a price match guarantee on all their Vancouver B.C. store front products and prices against any other Canadian dealer of bullion, coins or currency worth $500 CAD or more.

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