Why don’t several people live on the Big Hawaii Island?

There are only three “cities” on the island of Hawaii Kona, Hilo, and Kamuela. They are more like rural cities than urban ones. Except for Waikoloa, which is a resort area where there are several hotels, high-end apartments and residences, most of the other hotels on the island are agricultural hotels. High lay-off and scarce job prospects make moving there an option.  Though there are several reasons for Hawaii being less populated, we have listed below some of the significant reasons for you:

Main Reasons That Population is Less on the Big Hawaiian Island

  • Employment opportunities on Big Hawaii Island are very limited. It is the most oversized island in the entire state, but its population is less than 15% of the state’s total population. The island’s economy had undergone a significant shift, from sugar cane and coffee production to tourism. 
  • Land on the island of Hawaii is very cheap, and you can buy multiple acres for less than $100,000. Most areas of the isle are undeveloped because there is not much demand for housing.
    Because it is underdeveloped and there is a lack of employment opportunities, many people regard other islands as places of residence. For the same reason, the rich and famous chose the island of Hawaii to escape all this.
  • 70% of the land on the Big Island is forever zoned as agricultural areas.
  • Among the 70% of open farmlands, 20% is covered by lava and national parks.
  • From the rest, resorts/timeshares and seasonally used apartments and mansions account for a large part.
  • Of the available houses left to us at schmoozes, they are becoming more and more expensive and living on this island, and you have the highest energy prices in the country.
  • It takes someone to live here.. Either you have been here for a long time, and your family is by your side, or you leave everything on the shore, and you can fly revert furthermore, learn to handle Skype efficiently, or you stay for less than three years. Heaven has its price.
  • Some of the most beautiful resorts in the world are located in Kona on the north side of the island, including the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai. Make a Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and plan a stay there. It is owned by Michael Dell, the billionaire founder of Dell Technologies. There are various private residents who are owned by billionaires.

What are the risks that you face?

Many people do not live on the island because they may lose their homes due to the active lava flow. Or be caught up in a tsunami or hurricane. While living here, you risk living on a volcanic island. We all do this. This is our choice of living here, and for many of us, it is about natural beauty and affordability. We are a group of tenacious people.

The good news for tourists is:

  • Crazy highway without thousands of people commuting
  • If you want to stay away from the crowds, then you have found a good place.
  • Do you want to eat fresh local food? Well, there is enough land to grow it 365!
  • With only 186,000, Many people do not live on the island because they may lose their homes due to the active lava flow. Or be involved in a natural disaster. As we said earlier that When you live here, you risk living on a volcanic island.

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