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World’s Most Attractive Avenues That’ll Turn You Into a Street-Person

If you add one of these Avenues, Streets, alleys, and localities to your travel plans next time, an all-exclusive Pictureworthy package might be yours!

Beauty is everywhere around us; in fact, it is all around out there in this big-wide-world.  It is almost difficult to restrain oneself from heading out and seeing this stunning world. We are bringing you a spectacular list of the World’s Most Attractive Avenues That’ll Turn You Into a Street-Person for sure. If not, maybe you’ll adore those places forever and eventually wanna move there permanently. Believe me, most of these streets are undoubtedly the best to soothe your eyes with beauty and stroke your heart with perfection.

The most beautiful streets around the world for you to see

Agueda- A Perfect Place in Portugal

You may have heard of Agueda’s Umbrella Sky Project, which once swept the entire social media. If this is not the case, then you have missed a gem. As the city’s temperature rises, the narrow streets are enveloped by vibrant umbrellas, which provide a respite from the heat. The impeccably colorful streets are now known as one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

Burano- The colorful Street of Venice

There is a canal in the middle of the colorful houses, and it is these that make Burano Street a fantastic place to live. If you have long been fascinated by Venice’s pictures, you are likely to click on most of them in Burano. Although the idea of ​​painting the houses there is not to make the street look vibrant, but to distinguish one person’s home from another. But if the sight is so beautiful, the cons don’t even matter, do they?

Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Avenue- Germany’s Blossomed street

A list of the world’s most beautiful cities is incomplete without mentioning the avenue of cherry blossoms in Bonn. This happy street acts as a heavenly surround, becoming brighter at the annual Kirschbluetenfest, which is famous for live music performances and mouth-watering local food stalls. If you are not very lucky, you can make yourself fortunate by clicking on the picture and walking with your loved one all day. Book your United Airlines Book a Flight and enjoy amazingly beautiful sights of cherry blossom.

Chefchaouen- The Blue heaven in Morocco

Chefchaouen is located in the Rif mountains in northwestern Morocco. It is famous for its handicrafts,  iconic blue walls, and hemp. Most importantly, it has those beautiful art streets. All the street houses symbolize spirituality, and colorful flower pots are displayed beside the door, adding charm to this already beautiful city.

Lombard Street- San Francisco’s most visited

Lombard Street is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is a street full of fun that looks like a storybook. The pin-shaped turns, steep hills, and lush green surrounding it make it dazzling more than most places in the world. Nevertheless, the purpose of turning is to ensure that the driver slows down when driving in the area.

Golden Lane- A stunning beauty in Prague

Golden Lane is an original illustration of a breathtaking street, and anyone walking along the street will be surprised. It is located in the center of the castle wall overlooking Prague. One has to slightly lean back and then bow his head to enter these typical and yet beautifully built houses that are resting on the street.

So, which one among these do you think has the magical power to make you stay longer? Do not just tell us here. Make your Jetblue Book a Flight instead. They’ll help you choose the best vacation package to one of these fantastic locations.

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