Every Thing You Need To Know Before Buying Hoverboards


A hoverboard is the latest generation electric means of transport that has conquered the market for Hi-Tech products in recent years. In the world of electric, sustainable and ecological mobility, hoverboards are one of UK best-selling means of transport for adults and children. Anyone who has tried it knows that riding a Hoverboard is fun, easy, safe, and trendy.

This is because the electric hoverboard is undoubtedly a useful, ecological and fun object with which to make small trips around the city or to have fun in the park with friends.

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If in the famous cult film Marty Mcfly rides a levitating skateboard in a futuristic way, in reality, more and more people are using Hoverboards which, even if they don’t levitate, are all in all simple objects to govern, fun and useful for those looking for an alternative vehicle, ecological and economical to move.

How an electric hoverboard works

Hoverboards work

Not to be confused with Segways, Electric Scooters and the electric monowheel, Hoverboards have two wheels, move thanks to an electric motor powered by a battery, do not have a handlebar and are controlled by tilting your feet forward and backwards. Their operation is very simple: they are equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery which powers the motor and manages the balance. The wheels are independent even if they rest on the same axis; each foot controls a wheel, and the movement to be performed is similar to that of a skateboard or snowboard: everything is based on the passenger’s ability to stay in balance.

If you lean your foot forward, you will give an impulse to the vehicle, which will pick up speed, while leaning backwards, you will activate the braking controls. To turn, you will have to push the foot further down on the side where you want to turn; the important thing is to keep your legs straight and your feet slightly apart so as not to risk falling forwards or backwards when you take a little more speed.

Hoverboards can reach a speed of about 10 km/h with a range of 20 km; some models even reach 24 km/h. Therefore, they remain safe means of transport. You can travel long distances faster than a normal walk but slower than by bicycle, an aid, especially for those with mobility problems.

Unlike Segways, which have handlebars and are used by security personnel at airports, shopping malls and trade fair events to move faster when needed, Hoverboards have smaller dimensions and wheels, ranging from 6 to 10 inches depending on the model, and weigh approximately 10 kg.

They can be easily transported on public transport and only take up a little space in the house, car or garage.

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How much does a hoverboard cost?

Of course, it depends on the model and the type of use you have to make of it; the trade in these alternative vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, and consequently, the price of a Hoverboard can also be very different depending on the brand, accessories and features.

To make an estimate, keep in mind that a Hoverboard can have a price ranging from £269.99 – £329.99 for the basic models up to £329.99 for the more equipped models, complete with a carrying bag, warranty and certificate of safety. If you are buying a Hoverboard, look at this Hoverboard model as a gift with the Hello bank promotion!

Why buy an electric hoverboard

An electric hoverboard is a fun and easy-to-drive object, but also very useful for making short trips around the city quickly and effortlessly. The hoverboard mania has broken out in UK for some time, not only due to the usefulness of this means of transport which is revolutionizing UK, but also because it is an original and futuristic object with which one never gets bored and which especially children and teenagers like it very much.

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