5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Freelance Web Developer for your eCommerce Business in Dubai

Hiring a freelance web developer isn’t going to be an easy road to take, but you need to do it anyway. As a business owner, startup enthusiast, budding, or an established entrepreneur, you may have come to realize the undeniable role that a website plays in the business and eCommerce boom.  Typically, many giant organizations and business corporations today keep an in-house web development team. The team constantly looking into site’s related matters like;

  • Monitoring the company website
  • Making modifications and removing site glitches
  • Continuously enhancing the user experience
  • Improving sites responsiveness and speed optimization
  • Adding new pages and services
  • Adopting effective search engine optimization services to improve site’s visibility
  • Onsite content optimization to make the site search engine friendly

However, small business and medium level enterprise often sticks to remote website development company or freelance web developer individuals. Kicking your website project off with a freelance web developer or eCommerce website development company, you must be mindful of certain things that need taking into account before taking the route with a remote worker. 

1. Consult with You Professional Circle

If this is your first time looking for a freelance web developer, you need to put in as much effort as you have at your disposal to pick up the best freelancer from the pool. As the freelance community is growing at a rapid pace, it makes things little hard for business owners to find best experts. It is therefore essential to resort to your network of people and ask around if they can help direct you to the best web developer individuals. 

2. Request Freelancer for Work Portfolio 

If you are picking a freelancer out of the blue, you must be careful to know whether the freelancer can meet your project expectations. Make an online appointment and discuss your project requirements and possible outcomes right away. Also, ask for providing the work portfolio as it will help you make a well-informed judgment about the freelancer experience.  

3. Have a Clear Vision for Your Project 

Before you sign up with a freelancer for your business or startup website, make sure you have clear guidelines, and attainable objectives perfectly defined for your project. Also, let your freelancer know about your expectation in terms sticking to a timeline. Often time, a communication gap between clients and freelancers puts things into delay and distrust. What you want from the freelance web developer must be communicated clearly for achieving the expected outcomes. 

4. Have a To-Do List of Things in Advance

Since your hired freelancer may be located somewhere far away, thus you need to have a to-do list of things in advance. It allows the freelancer to come up with a good understanding of the project and carry on with work in an orderly fashion. Having essential things properly listed out saves you time and you won’t have to schedule frequent virtual meetings with the service provider again and again.

5. Have a Planned Project Budget 

Having a planned budget is another big piece of the puzzle. It is essential to sort out a calculated budget for the project while hiring a freelance worker. Before proceeding to sign the contract, you must discuss it with the freelancer in advance. Sometimes, certain tasks require paying high charges, therefore having a financial policy in place is highly rewarding and save you from running into spending more later on. 

Key Takeaways 

Things can go sidewise if you don’t make a careful selection during hiring a freelance web developer for your company or brand’s website. First, ask your professional network to recommend you a professional web developer and develop a clear roadmap to go with your project. Make sure you put many things in place while making the freelancer web developer signup for your project. Having a complete to-do list of things can come in very handy in meetings with the freelancer. Furthermore, checking up the freelance work portfolio and conveying your desired goals needs careful consideration before hiring a freelance web developer. 

Muhammad Irshad
Muhammad Irshad

Muhammad Irshad is Marketing Executive working with FME Extension Dubai — a leading web design and SEO Services Dubai based company in UAE. Mr. Irshad is passionate writing guest blogs about eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovations.