BEE Certification for better electrical products

bee certification

The non-renewable resources of energy that we still rely upon have ensured that one day, we will run of out of energy. To ensure that this day doesn’t come soon, BEE certification registration exists.

By implementing a method of giving star rating to the electronic products to mark their electrical efficiency, it does two things:

  1. It gives aspiration to the manufacturers to come up with consumer goods that consume less energy.
  2. It gives customers a choice to choose the electronic product that has the potential to become an investment,  not a liability.

So, whichever spectrum you fall into, this is the article you should read.

The reason that BEE certification exist

It was the beginning of 21st century and people, with their newfound spending power, wanted to make their homes more modern. They went to the electrical stores to shop for air conditioners or refrigerators.

New budget that arrived that year ensured that most people could afford them. However, amidst this good news, a realization emerged, and it was a bad one.

People were buying products that consumed too much power.

India had already crossed 1 billion population by then. The government feared that this rise in population  and the rise in buying power could lead to loss of non-renewable electrical power.

So, in order to preserve energy, they came up with the Energy Conservation Act.

As per the Act:

  1. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency was established. Its duty is to watch over the energy consumption in India and promoting energy conservation developments.
  2. BEE certification was made mandatory for certain electrical and electronic products.  It gave star rating to the products based on their energy efficiency. Higher ratings would mean the product consumes less energy and hence, is more efficiency. A lower rating would mean vice versa.

Soon, manufactures conducted BEE certification process in hopes of getting the right star rating. On the other hand, customers now had options to choose high quality electrical goods that were affordable and consumed less electricity.

The nuances of BEE registration process

When you ask how to get BEE certification, you will get not one but two answers:

  1. A single step process in which you’ll have to only register a brand.
  2. A multi step process in which you’ll need to certify both the brand and the model.

For obvious reasons, the multi step process is the correct one.

  1. At the first step, the brand gets BEE registration. The process of getting BEE registration for the brand of electrical product entails the following steps:
    1. Create a login at the BEE website
    1. Enter brand details
    1. Enter reference ID
    1. Provide security of INR 1 lakh for large scale company and INR 25 thousand for small scale company.
    1. Fill the application form.
    1. Submit the fees
    1. Print out the application form
    1. Mail the printout to BEE
  2. Once the brand is registered, BEE model registration process initiates: It’s this stage at which the model is given the star rating:
    1. Choose between one or multiple models
    1. File BEE model registration application
    1. Pay INR 2000 per model registration
    1. Take the printout of the application
    1. Post the print out the BEE
    1. Get the star rating.

Each time your brand gets recognition from the BEE, it’s a sign that your product is innovative. Each time your product gets a five star rating, it’s seen by your customers not as just another consumer product, but as an investment. So, what is BEE certification?

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It’s the key to conserve energy by controlling the buying habits of the consumers so that they choose products that consume less energy.

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