10 Best Restaurants in Vietnam

No matter what kind of a person you are, but an offer of eating delicious food is something which you surely would not be able to resist. Moreover, when the food you are been offered is from Vietnam, then it simply becomes all the more irresistible. After all, the Vietnamese cooking culture other than having its own indigenous root of addictive flavours also draws inspiration from some of the best foody countries ranging from French imperialists, Laos, Cambodia, to Thailand and China.

If you thought that Vietnamese is all about its colonial past, then its colourful present and food will be a refreshing surprise for you. Those of you who are worried about where to eat in Ho Chi Minh district or in general in Vietnam, then you no longer have to ponder much because we have already done the homework for you. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Vietnam, where other than delicious food, you will also get to enjoy a nice ambiance. Continue reading!

1. Cha Ca La Vong

Located on the narrow street of the old quarter in Hanoi, this restaurant has been catering to the tastes and requirements of dozens of people for a period of over several decades and till date remains quite popular. The restaurant gets its name after a popular Vietnamese dish, which is its specialty. So, when here do not miss trying it. The opening timings of the restaurant are from 11 am to 10 pm.

2. Vietnam House

Those of you who wish to relish delicious food but at reasonable prices, then we must tell you that the Vietnam House is really a great choice. Not only, do they serve a vast variety of Vietnamese cuisine and amazing services but the best part is that all of this is available at most reasonable prices. Moreover, if you are a vegan or are looking for gluten-free food, then this is one of the top 5 restaurants in Vietnam. You can go to eat here anytime between 11:30 am and 11 pm.

3. Dalchini

If you are an Indian who is on a vacation to Vietnam but is seriously homesick for home-like food, then Dalchini Restaurant is the place for you. Located in a central spot in the capital city of Hanoi overlooking West Lake, this restaurant is quite renowned for its rich collection of Indian curries, kebabs, and cuisines. The restaurant is open from 10:30 am to 9 pm.

4. Red Bean Classic Restaurant

Located in quite close proximity of the Old Quarter, this restaurant is one of the best in Hanoi which serves delicious food that has a unique blend of modern Vietnamese dishes with traditional Vietnamese cooking. Other than some Vietnamese specialty, they are also famous for some foreign items like Grilled Australian Beef and Tomato Bruschetta. You can visit the restaurant between 11:30 am and 10 pm.

5. Dining Room

Famous for serving mouth-watering traditional Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant located in Saigon has been a favourite among a lot of people, some of who even belong to the older generation. However, since the menu includes some of the modern dishes as well, younger generation flocks here in large numbers too. Opened from 11 am to 11 pm, this restaurant also boasts of amazing seafood collection.

6. The Deck Saigon

Situated beside the Saigon river in Ho Chi Minh city, Deck Saigon is a preferred choice among the locals as well as tourists because of its mesmerising ambiance and wide range of Pan-Asian cuisine. Blessed with cozy lights, glass doors and an outdoor deck decorated by bamboo trees and pond, the restaurant also serves a delicious western breakfast. You not only can get variety of vegetarian dishes but a wide range of alcohol as well as cocktails here.

7. La Villa French Resort

Carrying forward the French legacy of Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant is a must-visit place for every food lover and not only French people. Other than the traditional French cuisine, when here you can also get a chance to get lost in the magic of various famous wines and branded champagnes like Limoux, Minervois, and Chapoutier. In case you wish to visit this place, it is open form 11:45 am to 9:30 pm.

8. Shri Restaurant and Lounge

Set at the top of the Centre Tower, the restaurant has an extraordinary beautiful ambiance. Imagine dining at a place with ceiling to floor windows while admiring the mesmerising panoramic views and relishing a vast variety of delicious food, doesn’t it sound like the perfect idea? The place specialises because of its simple but mouth-watering home-cooked European food.

9. Skewers Restaurant

Being one of the top preferences among the locals of Vietnam since long, as the name suggests the place is famous, especially for its Mediterranean food on skewers. Moreover, since the flame bursting barbecuing is done in an open-air kitchen, all the guests are entitled for an entertaining dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Here, you are also offered some of the finest cigars and whiskey.

10. Secret Garden

This extremely beautiful rooftop restaurant is nothing short of a paradise, especially for the people who wish to enjoy some authentic and home-cooked Vietnamese food. True to its name, the place is beautifully decorated with Vietnamese style lanterns, lush greenery and matching wooden furniture which definitely give it a look of an elegant secret garden. Enjoy the skyline and the family-style meal with your loved ones.

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