betta fish care precautions

betta fish care

Bettas, otherwise called Siamese Fighting Fish, are a famous and lovely exotic fish ordinarily kept by aquarium specialists.

They are known to be brimming with character and could be prepared to do various stunts!

While bettas can be a simple pet to deal with, they flourish in a fittingly measured tank, great water conditions with the right temperature, and do require a set-up and support to flourish.


Your Betta ought to be housed in a base 20L tank, and a male Betta ought not be kept with another Betta except if it is for transitory rearing purposes. A ‘sorority’ of female Bettas can live respectively in a 40-75L tank. The sorority ought to have at least 5 female Bettas to forestall battling.

Your Betta’s tank will require a channel, radiator and thermometer to assist with saving the tank at the right circumstances for your fish. You can likewise add live or silk plants and different adornments to light up your tank and give concealing spots to your Betta.

Bettas are an interesting maze fish, meaning they can inhale oxygen. It’s vital to never obstruct the outer layer of your betta’s tank, as he will frequently swim to the surface to slowly inhale. Anyway your tank ought to be covered consistently, as they are additionally known to leap out of uncovered tanks!


For best outcomes, your betta’s tank ought to be cycled prior to bringing him home. Water cycling includes setting up your tank with practically no fish in it and observing the water until the alkali and nitrate levels are imperceptible. You can screen and test your water conditions utilizing a Freshwater Test Kit. The betta fish care guides are necessary to understand.

When your tank has effectively cycled, you can bring your fish home. Acquaint him with your tank by sitting his shut sack in the top for at least 15 minutes, permitting him to acclimate to any progressions in temperature.

Preferably, when your tank is ready, you ought to test your water conditions once per week to early recognize any water quality issues. In a cycled and separated tank size of 20L or over, a week after week water change of 15-25% is suggested. A water conditioner ought to be added during each water change. During the water change it’s really smart to utilize a rock vacuum to clean any indications of garbage on the substrate to assist with keeping your tank clean.


Your betta is an exotic fish who will flourish in a water temperature of 25-27°. A thermometer and warmer are prescribed in your tank to screen your water and keep your new betta in his ideal climate.

In Australian summers, you might have the option to switch your warmer off, however you ought to never permit the temperature to plunge beneath 24°, as your betta may become lazy.


Bettas are a rapacious fish, and they ought to be taken care of a betta-explicit pellet high in meat or fish based fixings. A live or frozen treat of bloodworms can likewise be given.

Your betta ought to be taken care of cautiously, as they are inclined to indulging. In the event that you’re uncertain about the amount, pellets can be taken care of each in turn. Overloading can likewise bring about overabundance tank squander and ought to be stayed away from, or the abundance eliminated from the tank.


A male betta fish ought to never be housed with another betta, with the exception of briefly for the purpose of reproducing. Female bettas can be house in a sorority size of five and up.

Notwithstanding, your betta fish doesn’t need to live alone! Contingent upon your tank size, he can be housed with a little school of corydoras, tetras or even a catfish. As bettas can be very forceful, it’s prescribed not to add any fish that are too ‘frilly’ or bright, as this can draw in the betta’s anger. You ought to likewise watch out for his new tank mates, particularly right away, to ensure everybody is getting along.


Your betta will see the value in spots to stow away – including little caverns and leaves or edges to lay on. Designs and adornments ought to be checked cautiously for sharp or rough edges, as these can catch your betta’s balances and tear them.

Live and silk plants are generally delicate to the touch and can be a superb, appealing expansion to your tank. New improvements, in any event, when bought from a believed aquarium store, ought to be flushed preceding putting in your tank.


On the off chance that very really enjoyed, a betta fish has a life expectancy of 3-5 years and will develop to generally 7cm in size.