How much does it cost to develop a handyman app like uber

Handyman app like uber

In recent years, consumers tend to rely on mobile apps to get the services they need. Handyman apps like Uber are a solution to fix everything at home. Supporting the user demands Uber like handyman app, provides efficient service for customers that offers several benefits over other solutions, it is easier than calling someone who could be a hundred miles away.

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Factors to consider while developing the handyman app:

On-demand services are top-rated among users because of their flexibility and suit all kinds of industries. Let us discuss the factors that should be involved while developing a handyman application that helps you to reach potential customers.

Brand Building:

Brand building is nothing but having a unique name for your handyman business that allows customers to easily recognize.

Determine your service

Before jumping into the cost you need to determine the services you are going to handle. Multiple services can be provided for a successful business. Handyman services include furniture repairs, painting walls, cleaning, plumbing, etc. Filtering jobs based on handyman experts is the best decision that you are going to make. After finalizing services you need to analyze your competitors to fix your handyman prices.

Setting up prices plays a significant role in handyman app development. This depends on several factors like the number of features, platform, and timeline. As said earlier, checking competitors’ prices helps you to determine the overall price. There are two price modules to consider in fixing the price for your handyman app; they are Hourly rate and fixed price.


Customers always like it if their services are done in short order. So preferring a handyman in their area helps to drive more customers for your business. With the help of GPS integration, customers can find a handyman within their area without having to wait for a long time.

Payment options:

While building a handyman app like Uber you will need to provide a variety of payment options, so that it is convenient for customers to choose their desired payment mode.

Tech stack:

Tech stack plays a vital role in determining the cost of handyman app development. So it is important to choose the right set of technologies for your handyman service.

How to build your own handyman app:

There are two methods involved in building an uber like handyman app, they are custom apps and ready-made scripts. Custom apps include the process of building an app from scratch. Which makes it more expensive than ready-made apps. 

Ready-made apps are pre-built apps that can be sold by various companies according to their customers’ needs. 

Let us know the cost involved in developing a handyman app. 

Cost of building a handyman app like uber:

The cost of building a handyman app depends on several factors such as features, platform, etc. It is difficult to identify the exact cost until it’s fully developed. Approximately developing a handyman app from the scratch may cost between $30,000 – $40,000. As said earlier, You can also choose a ready-made script for your business, if you feel developing an app from scratch might be costly. Comparing these, ready-made scripts seem reasonable and provide you with an effective solution. The expense to buy ready-made scripts falls around $5000. 

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, this article has helped you get a better understanding of what it costs to develop a handyman app like Uber. If you are looking for a ready-made solution for a handyman then I have the perfect solution for you. WooberlyHandyman is a cost-effective ready-made solution to starting a handyman business. WooberlyHandyman is a highly flexible and 100% customizable solution that has every necessary factor to start your business.