Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Dynamics 365 CRM

Not every individual has the idea about business central and Microsoft dynamics. This is why; knowing the difference between these two is very much important. Dynamics 365 business and Dynamics 365 CRM are pretty different from each other.

An Overview of Business Central and 365 CRM

365 Dynamics Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solution for midsize and small companies. This is mainly designed to assist each business in managing their manufacturing, financials, shipping, services, projects, etc. Business Central contains Relationship Management functionality for supporting sales efforts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is considered Microsoft’s robust cloud-based customer relationship management solution with several applications. The Dynamics 365 Sales app, one of the most famous, permits businesses for qualifying leads, manage sales opportunities, build customer relationships, optimise email marketing campaigns, and more.

Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central are two separate products that require being purchased individually. While they seem to have the same capabilities in some areas, each excels in the particular purpose for which it was designed.

Can You Use Dynamics 365 Business Central as a CRM Solution?

In recent times, modern sellers are overburdened with information, processes, tools, and repetitive task. This makes them quite challenging to stay efficient, productive and meet the customer’s expectations. Numbers of companies that actually invest in cutting-edge and cloud-based CRM sales software separate them from the competition. You can take help from the experts.

 Considering the features and uses is essential if you want to know the details of both these things. It might satisfy some firm’s lead management requirements. The primary management features permit you to manage:

  • Contacts
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Segments
  • Interactions
  • Sales Opportunities

Business Central lets you enter prospects to turn into potential customers and then enter quotes to turn into orders for completion using supply chain capabilities. If any of the businesses looking for full-fledged sales and marketing-focused CRM solutions, business central might not provide enough capabilities.

Dynamics 365 CRM can make a better choice for sales and customer management when firms:

  • Require a deeper outlook integration
  • Have intricate business procedures, which need workflows beyond what is accessible in Business Central (e.g., lead distribution to sales representatives)
  • Wish amplified marketing automation, customer service, field service, etc.
  • Want mobile access to all CRM features

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Business Central have a pre-built integration. It means customers of Business Central can get the ERP functionality that they require. They also get the full spectrum of sales and customer management features in Dynamics 365 CRM.  

Business Central – Dynamics 365 CRM integration lets you achieve a complete quote-to-cash procedure:

  • Convert quotes into orders along with the capability to see inventory accessibility in Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Enter quotes into Dynamics 365 CRM using the price lists from Business Central.
  • Ship and invoice orders through Business Central
  • Receive and post cash against invoices from within Business Central.
  • Consider the payment status of invoices from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Once you know about the dynamics 365 sales, it will help boost your business by connecting the process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is handy software offered by Microsoft, essentially a database used by companies to manage their relationship with their customers better. This application permits every business professional to organise their customer data, generate new leads, engage with customers, and resolve their issues as efficiently as possible.

Efficient Sales Processes

When you look for the procedure of Microsoft dynamics, then you are going to get ample benefits. This will assist you in increasing your sales team’s productivity by automating your company’s sales processes. Supporting your sales to boosting the company’s performance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 controls the workflows automatically. Due to the efficient sales process, this has gained a massive popularity. It can amp up and boost your sales.

You can reduce the sales cycle by shortening the time, less administration, and more active sales times. Then, at the same time, it also helps to enhance the sales opportunity too.

Scalable CRM Platform

Even you have the departmental solution or any group CRM system solution, along with the assistance of 365 sales, you are simply flexible at all times. The dynamics 365 solutions can be introduced and also expanded gradually depending on your requirements. Due to the cloud architecture, the chance of your Dynamics 365 solution about licenses and applications gets adapted easily to your company’s growth at any time.

User-Friendly Application

When it comes to boosting your company’s sales, you always opt for the best kind of solution, and this is where; dynamics 365 comes into the picture. The CRM solutions from Dynamics 365 offer you an intuitive and user-friendly interface to quickly and productively enable your company. Microsoft’s look-and-feel, along with integration with Outlook and other office products, confirm quick usability and high user interface – regardless of the operating system, platform, and end device.

It enhances the utmost effectiveness of your employees by offering you insights from the company. The entire Power BI integration helps you to enable the display of created dashboards along with reports. Promote team member connections with other team member profiles, including skills, career accomplishments, certifications, and interests. Not everyone has the right idea about Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics, and that is why; they take help from expert and experienced professionals. They can help you to know the features and differences between these two.