Leading Enterprise SaaS SEO Guide to Amplify Your Business

enterprise Saas SEO

A SaaS SEO is the method of increasing the organic traffic for the website of a SaaS or Software as a Service company by earning top rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for a list of given keywords. When compared with traditional SEO, SaaS SEO focuses on a specific keyword set while using unique search intents to draw the attention of the prospects. 

A deeper insight into the overall growth of some of the most successful enterprise SaaS organizations will unveil that their SEO strategy serves to be a major differentiator. Corporate SEO or enterprise SaaS SEO follows the same principle as that of traditional SEO. However, it still requires a strategic approach due to the overall complexity, size, and complicated structure of the enterprise business.  

As an enterprise SaaS organization, you should never undermine the importance of SEO in ensuring exponential growth while driving continuous traffic. Some important pointers to consider are: 

  • SEO is useful in driving more than 1000% traffic in comparison to organic social media. 
  • Around 53.3 percent of website traffic is driven by the concept of organic search. 
  • 68 percent of online experiences start on search engines. 

An Insight into Enterprise SaaS SEO 

Enterprise SaaS SEO is concerned with the management of robust enterprise-centric SEO strategies for SaaS-based organizations with large-scale websites along with a wider range of products & services. 

Organic search forms an integral part of the entire web traffic. It assists B2B organizations double the revenue in comparison to all other channels. Therefore, enterprise Search Engine Optimization emphasizes improving the overall organic presence of large-scale enterprises.  

In comparison to small-scale SEO services for small businesses, enterprise SaaS-based SEO tends to focus on highly competitive, short-tail keywords. 

Some of the common characteristics of enterprise SaaS websites are: 

  • The automation level required for executing tasks across multiple pages. 
  • The project management and collaboration levels required for maintaining the website. 
  • The impact of the particular website on revenue and brand reputation. 

Usually, high-end names like Adobe, Shopify, and Salesforce along with multiple infrastructures and departments leverage a feature-rich enterprise SaaS SEO software solution. The software solution is helpful in implementing core SEO principles with time-intensive and advanced strategies to significantly affect the overall conversions taking place on the website.  

In case of enterprise SaaS SEO, you will come across responsibilities like content marketing, aligning SEO, planning & strategizing, PR with social goals, and management of stakeholder interests. 

What are the Benefits of Enterprise SaaS SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization for SaaS-based companies will usually deliver the following range of benefits: 

#Customers at All Stages of the Buyer’s Journey 

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization plans are useful in combining top-quality content, on-page SEO optimization, and targeted outreach. It presents the particular brand at different stages of the buyer’s journey while creating ample awareness, decision, and consideration with a detailed SaaS-centric content marketing strategy. Eventually, it helps in raising brand awareness and making the brand a reliable resource for end customers. 

Some important pointers in this aspect are: 

  • The marketing team is responsible for collecting data on relevant products or services that potential customers are actively interested in. 
  • The enterprise-centric SEO team leverages the existing data to come across the right keywords. 
  • The content team is responsible for developing content like blog posts, web copy, email campaigns, landing pages, and whitepapers based on the existing keywords. 

#Improving the Overall Reputation 

Individuals tend to execute branded searches at the subsequent buying journey. Branded searches serve to be a mix of the following: 

  • Web properties including social media pages, websites, and even microsites that organizations are able to control 
  • Third-party review sites, Wikipedia pages, and news articles that are not under the control of the organization 

Your brand image tends to be significantly influenced by the outcomes that you are not able to control. To ensure control over the online narrative while protecting brand equity, enterprise-centric SaaS SEO makes use of the following strategies: 

  • Focusing on the generation of positive media mentions and online reviews. It helps in improving revenues while also enhancing brand reputation. 
  • Publishing tons of top-quality content to offer Google the signal that you are an authoritative source and an industry expert. 
  • Reading negative reviews and considering how you are able to address the specific concerns of end customers. It is also important to pass any relevant feedback about poor customer services to the concerned team. 

#Dominating the Product Category & Industry 

While you might be highly tempted to invest thousands of dollars into enterprise SaaS marketing with respect to your product or category pages to drive ample revenues, it will still leave you highly vulnerable to negative branding or content marketing that you are not able to control. Moreover, it will also offer your competitors the opportunity to execute the same tactic. 

In contrast, enterprise SaaS SEO strategies focus on the development of trust while dominating SERPs through the development of high-end content for individuals at the awareness stage of the consumer’s journey. By leveraging reliable and meaningful information, you are encouraging prospects to go down the sales funnel while also selecting your products or services when they might be ready to purchase. 

Importance of SEO for Enterprise SaaS Organizations 

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization features several challenges as well as problems that might not arise in small-scale SEO. Enterprise Search Engine Optimization for large-scale organizations tend to be distinct than standard small-business SEO strategies. The primary catch here is that SaaS SEO is concerned with large-scale enterprises featuring multiple web pages. 

For executing a successful enterprise-centric SaaS Search Engine Optimization campaign, only expert knowledge of technical SEO will not help. You are expected to analyze a number of diverse keywords and top-quality content to optimize the SaaS enterprise website. This is why enterprise SaaS SEO will involve multiple strategies as well as creative thinking. This is wherein the role of professional enterprise SaaS SEO services comes in.