Features and Advantages of Buying Online Health Insurance in Dubai

The most suitable place to start looking for trustworthy health insurance plans is on the internet. With so many different websites available, it has become effortless to obtain online health insurance in Dubai.It is highly recommended to evaluate multiple health insurance quotes to avoid spending too much or get too little from your opted health insurance. Here are some features of buying health insurance online.

  1. Comparison

The main advantage of obtaining insurance online is the ease of comparing several plans all at once. Only be comparing several online health insurance in Dubai you will be able to distinguish the difference in their details, costs, and get the sense of your options accurately. With so many insurances available, picking the best that meets your requirement and budget can be overwhelming. Online comparison can make it easy for you to select the correct one. 

  • Cashless Treatment

Most of the health insurance companies in Dubai and UAE have associations with numerous hospitals across the country. This makes it simple for the insured to benefit from a cashless facility by not paying anything for medical treatment. The insured just has to provide the policy number. The rest is taken care of by the hospital and the Online Health Insurance in Dubai that he has purchased. However, if the expenses exceed the set limit, the insured will have to directly pay the excess amount to the hospital.

  • Government Policies

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai mandate a certain level of security for residents. It applies to residents living in the UAE and expatriates alike. For instance, The Dubai Health Authority provides an all-inclusive health plan, known as Sadaa for unprotected residents. 

  • Medical Check-up and coverage for pre & post hospitalization

An apt Online Health Insurance in Dubai enables the policyholder to receive regular medical examinations. However, a few health insurance companies in UAE offer a free medical check-up to those who hold a satisfactory record of No claim Bonus. Once the policyholder is admitted, some medical insurance policies facilitate coverage for pre & post hospitalization charges for a particular number of days. 

  • No Claim Bonus

No claim bonus is awarded to those policyholders who hold a medical insurance plan and don’t claim any treatment throughout the whole policy year. It is either provided as an addition in the sum assured or a reduction on the cost of premiums. 

  • Pre-existing ailments:

Many health insurance companies incorporate pre-existing illnesses after a waiting period of 48 months. However, this highly depends on how honest you’re about your fitness at the time of purchasing the policy. In case you aren’t sure of your health condition at the time, the insurance plan you buy accounts the pre-existing diseases associated to claim after 48 months.

However, suppose the insurer speculates that you were aware of the ailment at the time of buying. In that case, the company may refuse to approve the claim. Thus, you must be sure of disclosing your medical condition for a smooth claim settlement process. 

  • Sub-limit

Sub-limit refers to restricting compensation of individual costs to a pre-written amount. For example, payment of room-rent may be limited at 3% of the sum insured. Therefore, regardless of the total sum insured, you may still pay partly unless you adhere to the limit. You can opt-out of this feature if you wish to.


Health Insurance in Dubai offers complete liberty to policyholders from having tedious discussions with brokers/agents and standing in long queues to find a suitable policy. Besides, online purchase is also time-saving and convenient in comparison to physically buy insurance.