Five Common Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Lighting

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Commercial lighting means any lighting which is used to lighten up any commercial space, be it a shop, an industrial setting, a warehouse, a mall, or any other place. Being a businessman, you must understand the importance of lighting in your business. If you are a jeweler, you know what an important part it plays. In a retail clothing shop, it can change how light reflects upon colors. In an industrial setting, improper lighting can cause accidents.

Thus, you must be aware of some common dos and don’ts of commercial lighting to make your place a welcoming and warm one and avoid lighting mistakes.

Dos Of Commercial Lighting

Some common dos of commercial lighting are discussed below:

Do Understand Types Of Lighting

This is the first requirement of an effective lighting solution. Lighting can create a unique environment with its usage and different lighting options help achieve it. There are four types of lighting.

  • Task lighting: Which are used for specific tasks or places, such as entrance, checkout, exit, etc.
  • Accent Lighting: As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used to highlight a specific place such as a new model in your shop, a distinct jewelry case, etc.
  • Decorative lighting: This type of lighting can be used to decorate your place merely for aesthetic purposes.
  • General Lighting: This type of lighting is installed to illuminate the general space which makes for the most space.

Do Incorporate Technology

In present times, technology is changing how you can light up your space. Using installed controls, you can dim the lights of specific areas to create an effect, or you can change colors to change the mood. Thus, incorporate technology and use lighting to your advantage.

Do Consider Aesthetics

Gone are the days of exposed fluorescent tubes which used to be installed on the ceiling. Now, you must consider the aesthetics of your lighting, how they are installed, and how they look when turned off.

Do Consider Your Options

There are many lighting options available in the market and you must consider them all to choose not only the most beautiful lights but also the most affordable ones. LED light bulbs are widely used today, and due to their availability in different sizes, shapes, and voltage operation, they are fit for commercial lighting.

Do Use Your Lights Smartly

The idea behind understanding different lighting types is to use them to your advantage. You can create the desired environment with lighting. For example, in an open floor plan for an office, one can use accent lights to create private booths, task lighting can be installed on the cabin entrances, general lighting can lighten up the corridors and balconies, etc. So, use lights smartly to create an effect.

Don’ts of Commercial Lighting

Some common don’ts of commercial lighting are discussed below:

Do Not Skip Any Area

It is very common that while you illuminate your commercial space, you skip certain places such as parking, washrooms, changing rooms, etc. These are functional areas of commercial space and must be illuminated properly.

Do Not Blast The Space With Lights

More lighting means more illumination. This is a very wrong notion to follow when you are installing lights in your business space. Things work best when used in moderation. The same goes for the light. You must know what is too much. Installing different color lights will confuse and overwhelm your customers.

In office spaces, excessive usage of light can prove to be hazardous to health as it causes headaches. So, understand that lighting is both beneficial and tricky, if not installed properly. 

Don’t Forget The Structure

Commercial lighting in a warehouse and in a retail shop is different. You must consider the structure of your commercial space before installing lights. While a warehouse might need numerous LED tubes and general lighting, a retail space might require a fusion. Also, if you have mirrors installed in your space, you are using shelves, or your products need highlighting, you must consider the structure and floor plan to finalize lights.

Don’t Use the Same Lights Everywhere

Light can significantly highlight the important sections of a shop or office. Don’t make the mistake of installing uniform lighting everywhere, especially when your business requires it.

Don’t Compromise Budget For Savings

You wish your lighting to be effective and affordable, but it is wrong to compromise quality for budget. Remember, that quality lighting will have a longer lifespan and will not require frequent replacement, saving money. So, don’t compromise quality for cost saving today only to spend it tomorrow on replacement.


Commercial lighting requires careful consideration of all the important ways in which it will affect mood, the environment, and your business. The common dos and don’ts will help you if you are installing commercial lighting for the first time. So, keep them in mind while doing so.