Himalayan salt and comparison between different types

himalayan salt

Salt, without doubt is one among the world’s most vital food ingredients. Without it, most foods would seem to be tasteless and unattractive. Not all salts square measure equal in their attributes. Every salt is exclusive in its quality, options and properties.

Edible salt, regular table salt, pink Himalayan salt, kosher salt and sea salt.

They do not simply disagree in mineral and atomic number 11 content however conjointly quite totally different within the manner they style and appearance and therefore the manner they’re being

This article can compare totally different properties of salts and explore the properties they need. However before we tend to discuss the various sorts of salt, lets discuss one thing regarding the “salt” 1st.

What is salt?

Salt may be a crystalline mineral principally contains on 2 major parts i.e. Atomic number 11 (Na) and element (Cl).The chemical name of salt is common salt. Nature has given it tremendous properties that square measure useful for figure. The minerals gift in salt facilitate in nerve transmission and correct muscle and bone functioning.

Salt has various feature and adding the flavor to our food is that the most typical one. it’s similarly used as a food preservative as a result of it’s troublesome for bacterium to grow and breed in salt made surroundings.

The major supply to get salt is either the salt mines or by evaporation of water. Salt is harvested in several countries having salt mines and among those countries Canada has largest deposits of salt.


As mentioned on top of, salt has four main types that square measure.

Sea salt:

Sea salt is that the kind of the salt that is created by the evaporation of ocean water. Like several different salt, sea salt also contains atomic number 11 and chloride at giant.

However, it’s various different minerals looking on the manner it’s processed and therefore the supply it comes from. The other name for the sea salt is “bay salt”. Sea salt’s color defines the quantity of minerals and impurities gift in it.

For example, the darker the sea salt the bigger are the impurities and minerals in it. Also due to the ocean pollution, it also can have trace quantity of serious metals and micro-plastics that square measure the remains of plastic waste and will cause alerts.

What is pink Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan salt may be a pink-colored salt mined from the khewra salt range that is that the second largest and one among oldest salt mines within the world.it is settled within the south of Himalaya in West Pakistan.

The salt coming out of khewra mines believed to be fashioned lots of years past by the evaporation of water.

The pink Himalayan salt is extracted by hand .it is negligibly processed and is free from any additives and thought to be way more natural and neutral than Just like regular table salt, himalayan pink salt contains common salt (NaCl). However, himalayn pink salt conjointly contains different minerals and trace parts that outline its pink color. Major mineral it contains is that the iron chemical compound which provides it a pink color. It conjointly has bit of iron, magnesium, atomic number 20 and metallic element as well as traces of eighty a lot of minerals.

Kosher salt:

Kosher salt is an edible salt and has same composition like different sorts of salts .its structure or texture is coarse and it’s typically within the type of flakes.it tastes. Refined salt is additionally splendidly called regular seasoning .This is the foremost refined type of the edible salt- which implies that it’s heavily powdered and most of the impurities and However, the most disadvantage of the salt is that it forms clumps and to avoid this, numerous substances like anti-caking agents square measure supplementary in thereto in order that Sodium chloride is that the major content of seasoning.

However, some brands bring it to their customers with supplementary iodine, which is alleged to be a precaution against iodine deficiency.