How Shelf Talkers Highlight Unique Selling Points

In today’s fast-paced retail world, when customers are overwhelmed with options, properly expressing a product’s unique selling points (USPs) might mean the difference. Shelf talkers act as a strategic marketing technique, catching buyers’ attention and directing them to products by emphasising their distinguishing characteristics and benefits. Strut cards, like shelf talkers, provide extra possibilities to emphasise these USPs, resulting in a multidimensional approach to retail marketing.

Understanding Shelf Talkers and Strut Cards

Shelf Talkers: These are promotional pieces that are fastened to the edges of store shelves. They serve as eye-catching displays that highlight specific products or promotions. Shelf talkers, which are often made of sturdy materials like cardboard or PVC, include graphics, product information, pricing details, and promotional offers to encourage customers.

Strut Cards: Strut cards, also known as show cards or counter cards, are freestanding promotional displays that are put on countertops or display tables. Strut cards, which are made of robust materials such as foam board or cardboard, include graphics, branding features, and promotional text to get the attention of clients.

Key features of Shelf Talkers

Eye-Catching Design:  shelf talkers are distinguished by visually appealing design aspects. Whether it’s bold writing, striking graphics, or distinctive designs, these displays are meticulously designed to stand out among the multitude of products on the shelf.

Clear Messaging: Despite their modest size, shelf talkers successfully communicate important information about the highlighted product or offer. Every aspect of the marketing, from product descriptions and pricing information to special offers and discounts, is succinct and easy to grasp.

Brand Consistency:  shelf talkers extend the brand’s identity by including consistent branding aspects such as logos, colours, and graphics. This reinforces brand familiarity and creates a consistent visual experience for customers.

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Power of  Unique Selling Points(USPs).

In a competitive retail world, merely having a product on the shelf is not enough. Customers are swamped with options, and they require convincing reasons to prefer your brand over the competition. This is where the unique selling points (USPs) come into play. These are the unique characteristics, benefits, or traits that distinguish your product from the competition. They are the reasons a buyer should choose your brand, and they are the essence of what distinguishes your goods.

How Shelf Talkers Emphasise Unique Selling Points

Highlighting Key characteristics: Shelf talkers allow you to showcase a product’s unique characteristics and benefits. Shelf talkers assist separate products from competitors and capture buyers’ attention by highlighting key selling factors such as higher quality, unique design, or distinctive ingredients

Communicating Value Proposition: Shelf talkers successfully explain a product’s value proposition, emphasising why it should be purchased. Shelf talkers communicate a captivating message that resonates with consumers and generates purchase intent, whether they highlight cost reductions, time-saving benefits, or environmental sustainability.

Promoting Special Offers: Shelf talkers are great for promoting special deals, discounts, and promotions. Shelf talkers generate a sense of urgency and motivate shoppers to take advantage of deals by prominently displaying pricing details or promotional offers, resulting in increased sales and conversion rates.

Reinforcing Brand identification: Shelf talkers are important for reinforcing brand identification and enhancing consumer recognition. Shelf talkers offer a unified brand experience by adding branding components such as logos, colours, and graphics, thereby strengthening brand loyalty and fostering a relationship with customers.

Impact of Effective Shelf Talkers

Every product competes for attention, and every purchasing decision is influenced by a variety of reasons; the importance of excellent shelf talkers cannot be overstated. When properly deployed, shelf talkers can produce concrete effects that help to the success of retail operations. Let’s look at the impact of effective shelf talkers in more detail:

Improved Brand Awareness

Using branded shelf talkers on a regular basis helps people recognise your brand and connect with it. Shelf talkers use branding components like logos, colours, and graphics to serve as visual reminders of your brand’s presence in the retail environment. As customers encounter these branded displays during their shopping trip, they become more familiar with your brand, resulting in greater brand awareness and recall.

Boosted Sales

One of the main jobs of shelf talkers is to draw attention to special deals and unique selling points (USPs) that persuade customers to buy. When used correctly, shelf talkers can influence purchase decisions and drive sales conversion. Shelf talkers encourage shoppers to add things to their carts by highlighting certain products, communicating crucial information, and creating a sense of urgency through promotional messaging, resulting in increased sales and revenue for shops.

Improved Customer Engagement

 Shelf talkers can engage customers and enhance their shopping experience. Interactive elements like QR codes, product demonstrations, and customer testimonials can draw shoppers’ attention and inspire them to interact with the display. Furthermore, providing relevant information on shelf talkers, such as product features, benefits, or usage instructions, will help customers comprehend the product and make more confident purchases. This increased engagement results in longer dwell times in front of the product display and a stronger connection to the brand.

Enhanced brand perception

Well-designed and informative shelf talkers help to promote a favourable brand image and increase client trust. When customers come across shelf talkers that are visually appealing, educational, and relevant to their wants and preferences, it improves their perception of the brand. They believe the brand to be informed, trustworthy, and dedicated to offering value, which increases their affinity for it. Positive brand perception leads to greater consumer loyalty, repeat purchases, and advocacy.

Role of  Strut Cards.

While shelf talkers are excellent for advertising products on retail shelves, strut cards are an additional useful marketing tool for enhancing product visibility and generating sales. Strut cards, also called show cards or counter cards, are freestanding promotional displays that are commonly placed on countertops, checkout counters, or display tables. Strut cards, which are made of durable materials like cardboard or foam board, include images, branding features, and promotional text to capture clients’ attention and stimulate impulse sales.

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How Strut Cards Enhance Retail Marketing

Versatile Placement: Strut cards can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as checkout counters or display tables, maximising exposure to customers and increasing product visibility.

Eye-Catching Design: With bold graphics, vibrant colours, and compelling messaging, strut cards create visually appealing displays that capture customers’ attention and draw them to featured products.

Promotional Opportunities: Strut cards offer valuable promotional opportunities, allowing brands to highlight new products, showcase special offers, or promote seasonal promotions.

Brand Reinforcement: By incorporating branding elements such as logos, colours, and imagery, strut cards reinforce brand identity and increase brand recognition among customers.

Combining Shelf Talkers with Strut Cards

By combining shelf talkers with strut cards, brands can develop a unified and effective retail marketing approach. For example, a shelf talker can highlight a product’s essential qualities, while a strut card placed adjacent can underscore a promotional offer or discount, resulting in a compelling message that connects with customers.


Shelf talkers and strut cards are effective tools for promoting products’ unique selling characteristics in retail outlets. Their capacity to effectively communicate key characteristics, advantages and promotional offers makes them integral for businesses trying to boost sales and brand awareness. Consider collaborating with VC Prints to get high-quality, custom-printed shelf talkers and strut cards. Contact us today to find out more about our printing services and how we can help you take your retail marketing strategy to the next level.