How to decorate your terrace to receive people?

It’s time to set up your terrace for sunny days! Discover in a few minutes all the tricks of Lucie, decorator at Homary, to decorate your terrace well and make it convivial and welcoming.

Decorate your terrace and create a friendly space

To decorate your terrace and make it convivial and practical, it is important to think intelligently about your exterior. Indeed, many factors must be taken into account for the comfort of your guests and the practicality of the place.

From the layout of the furniture to the small decoration through the lighting, Lucie presents you in a few minutes all her tips for decorating her terrace and making it convivial to receive people.

TIP N°1: Decorate your terrace by taking care of the layout of the furniture

Arrange the furniture so that it is close to the accesses

To decorate your exterior, the layout of the different spaces is important to promote its use. First of all, Lucie suggests that you have the dining area close to the interior accesses to facilitate service. Here, she chose to position it near the kitchen.

Around this space, remember to leave between 3.5m and 4 meters to be able to circulate easily in the dining area. It is better to choose a smaller dining area than to have difficulty moving around.

Decorate your terrace to make it practical and functional

To decorate your terrace in a comfortable way, consider placing the barbecue as far away as possible from access to the interior so as not to let in smoke and odors.

Also, if you have dual access to your exterior, you can arrange the seating area close to the second access to create continuity in your interior. Remember, however, to leave a passage for good circulation on your terrace.

Choose the right orientation of the terrace to take full advantage of it

The orientation of your space is also important to improve your comfort. Indeed, if you have the choice of orientation, prefer a south-facing terrace to make the most of the sun. 

However, if you don’t have the possibility to choose, opt for light furniture and warm materials to bring light to the space and create a trendy and cocooning corner.

TIP N°2: Add shady areas to decorate your terrace nicely

The sheer, ideal for letting in the light

To protect yourself from vis-à-vis while creating a shady area, the veil or shade sail is ideal. Indeed, it lets in a soft light to create a cocooning corner on your terrace. With the summer wind, it will create games of shadow and light on the floor and on the walls. The veil is therefore perfect for resting quietly without suffering from the heat. 

Its modular side will offer you more targeted shade to adapt to all times of the day.

The pergola is the right way to bring shade to your terrace. It also makes it possible to delimit the space to separate the dining area from the lounge area or even that of the swimming pool.

There are different types of pergola. First of all, you can choose a bioclimatic pergola which will offer you flexible shade depending on the weather. Indeed, it is possible to orient the blades of the roof but also to lower one or more curtains according to the orientation of the sun or the wind. However, this installation is a cost that should not be overlooked in your terrace layout.

You can also opt for a wooden pergola with modular curtains. This allows you to protect yourself from the sun at noon with the blinds located on top of the pergola but also from the sun in the evening or in the morning with the curtains located around the pergola.

Here, Lucie preferred the wooden pergola to bring more warmth to the terrace which already has relatively cold tiles.

TIP N°3: Which seats to choose to decorate your terrace?

Comfort for the relaxation area

At the level of the seats, opt for deck chairs for a place to relax. Indeed, these make it possible to create a real space of rest to take full advantage of the sun. 

Regarding armchairs, choose a hanging chair to give charm to your relaxation area while adding a soothing seat to your terrace layout.

If you want to receive people without taking up too much space, opt for the bench made from wooden pallets or opt for a large and comfortable garden furniture. Go for collections at Homary.

Modular furniture to decorate your terrace in a practical way

If you have a small space or you want to save space on your terrace, modular furniture is the perfect solution. For example, opt for Chileans that you can have as much on the outdoor living room as at the edge of a swimming pool. You can then fold them and store them easily to protect them from the weather or to save space.

Poufs are also a good way to optimize and decorate your terrace. Indeed, they make it possible to create lower seats perfect for children. Namely, the ideal height for a child seat is between 31 and 38cm and for adults, 42 to 46cm. You can also choose pouffes that can be used indoors and outdoors so as not to clutter up your home.

TIP N°4: The must haves to decorate your terrace

The small decoration to sublimate your terrace layout

To decorate your terrace with charm, add wall decorations such as paintings or macramé. Combine this with pretty cushions to place on sofas and armchairs. These allow you to add touches of color. 

On the dining table, opt for candles combined with a few plants or a bouquet of flowers.

The floor decoration

The floor of your outdoor space will set the tone of your decoration. First of all, opt for tiling on your terrace layout. This offers you ease of maintenance as well as a material that lasts over time. It is therefore a soil to be favored if you live in an area with variations in weather.

To decorate your terrace and make it warmer, prefer wood on the floor. However, it requires more maintenance than tiling and can deteriorate over time.

Add to this special outdoor carpets to delimit the spaces!

TIP N°5: The exterior lighting to be favored

Light garlands and suspensions

To create a friendly atmosphere, add fairy lights on the walls or around the pergola. These allow you to add subdued light to your exterior and are ideal for a relaxation area.

For the dining area, prefer light suspensions to have a more intense and pleasant light at mealtime.