How to Maintain Brand Identity in Email Marketing

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By Marisa Hochberg :

Keeping your brand identity consistent is crucial for keeping your email marketing as effective and trustworthy as possible. If you’re new to email marketing or haven’t spent much time planning the images and copy of your messages, this might be the perfect place to start. Once you have a handle on your brand image, maintaining it will become even easier. Keep reading for tips on how to maintain brand identity in email marketing.

Keep your brand identity consistent across all channels

The first step in maintaining brand identity in email marketing is consistency. From copy to images to layout, you need to keep your brand identity consistent across all of your channels. Including a link to your website in your welcome email and in all future emails can be incredibly helpful for reminding your audience about your brand and your services. It can also increase your click-through rate (CTR) as a result of your email being more likely to be seen as a legitimate email by readers. Your website is also a great place to include additional details about your business. Beyond your services, you can also include information about your team, location, and so on.

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Use consistent font and color

With the increased accessibility of email and the ease of creating emails, it can be tempting to cut corners and use whatever fonts and colors you have on hand. However, this is a huge mistake. Your font and color choices should be consistent across your emails. Consistent font choices will make it easier for people to visually navigate through your emails. You don’t want readers to have to get confused while trying to read through your content. Your color choices can have a huge impact on the tone of your brand voice and general aesthetic. While you don’t want to be overly dramatic, you also don’t want to be too subtle. For email marketing, you generally want a color palette that is safe, but also noticeable and easy to read. A great color palette for email marketing is blue and yellow, blue and red, or blue and white. Avoid using too many colors and make sure that your palette is easy to read and categorize.

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Remove any obvious distractions

You’ve likely heard the term “clutter kills creativity” before. It’s true. To get your creative juices flowing and maintain the consistency of your brand voice, you want to remove any obvious distractions from your email. What are obvious distractions? Any images, graphics, or other elements in your email that aren’t relevant to the main topic of your email. For example, if your email is about a specific deal or promotion, remove any images of your team members, the office, etc. These elements have the potential to take attention away from your content and negatively distract readers. The main purpose of your email is to get your content read and understood by your target audience. The last thing you want to do is get in the way.

Incorporate your brand into every email

Even if your brand identity isn’t fully established, you should still incorporate your brand into every email you send. This will help establish your brand identity early on and also keep your branding consistent. Incorporating your brand into every email will give your brand identity a boost. It’s also a great way to keep your branding consistent as you incorporate your logo, color palette, and other elements into every email. You can also incorporate your brand into your signature. A signature is a great way to tie your signature to your brand identity and remind your readers about you and your business. You can also use your signature to include additional information about your company, such as your team members, location, and so on.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you’ve managed to establish a consistent brand identity, it’s now time to experiment with how you leverage your brand. This will help you discover new ways to leverage your branding and discover new ways to maintain your brand identity in email marketing. You can also try out new ways of incorporating your brand into your emails. For example, you can try using a 3D logo, using animation in your signatures, or incorporating interactive elements into your emails. These types of emails can be great for building brand recognition and generating excitement about your brand. Experimenting with new ways of branding can also help you discover new ways to take advantage of new technologies, such as video, lead generation offers, or social media integration.

Maintain brand voice and tone

If you’ve successfully managed to establish a consistent brand identity, maintaining this tone and voice will be much easier. You’ve worked hard to establish a brand image and tone, so you need to be sure to continue to utilize this in your email marketing efforts. You do this by maintaining the same brand voice and tone in all of your future emails. This also includes your voice and tone when writing your email copy and creating your images. Keeping these two things consistent will help you maintain your brand identity in email marketing. You can also use these two things to enhance your brand. For example, you can include a social media mention in your email copy. This will give your brand an extra boost from the readers that have been exposed to it elsewhere online.