List Of Plants That Can Be Displayed Beautifully On Your Office Desk

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Some of us are not really very fond of going to the office, right? To be honest, I fall in the same category and half of you are with me, I know. If you don’t like to go to the office but still have to get and get ready every single morning and sit there for straight 9 hours like an owl, trust me, I’m with you. It is a daily phenomenon that I have to deal with. But over time, I have realised that there are certain ways how you can make your office premises more enjoyable.

Do you know why some people don’t like the office vibes? Well, the office is a place where stress, anxiety and other negative feelings are revolving in the air. Yes, a lot of stress, disagreements, disapprovals can make the place a little less likable. What if I tell you that you can make your workplace more tolerable? Since you are aware of this basic fact that going to the office helps you with your livelihood, you cannot help but attend it. So, wouldn’t it be better if you make your place a better environment instead of a crib every day in the morning? We are here with a very good plan that helps you to make the office environment a happy place. No, you won’t be smiling all day after that, it’s just that it will be more positive for you to sit for a fairly long duration. For that, you need to order plants online and decorate your desk with the same. It will not only enhance the decor but help you mentally as well. So, here is a list of plants that you can consider buying.

Devil’s ivy plant
Let’s begin the list with a plant that looks pretty good when placed inside. Named as devil’s ivy, but don’t go by its name. The plant is actually a more angelic species because of its pretty heart-shaped leaves that are coloured in two tones, dark and light green shades. It is a very captivating plant that looks great in home as well as the office. So, your desk will be an ideal place for this plant. The plant is medium-sized and thus fits well on the table. You will easily find this plant under the name ‘pothos’ and it is quite easily available. Devil’s ivy will adjust easily in office conditions.

Bamboo plant
Bamboo is one of the most commonly found plants on people’s office desk. It is not a new name, very commonly brought by people for the belief attached to it that says it brings fortune and luck to the owner. That is why, bamboo has been a popular choice amongst everyone, especially for gifting. So, you can buy bamboo plants online for your loved ones to bring them some good fortune. Apart from gifting this plant to your loved ones, you can also keep it on your office desk as it is a very efficient air purifier. It will clear out the air naturally and make the air fresh for you. This fresh air will help you calm your mind and further enhance your productivity at work. Hence, bamboo is an ideal office plant.

Mother in law tongue
I know I know the name sounds quite funny yet this plant can fit in a more compact place to a huge holder relying on the space you have. It is one of the most suggested plants that one ought to consider having at home or at the workplace. The best part is yet to come. The plant is so easy to keep up that it requires just some water a week and almost no daylight to flourish appropriately. This plant is a brutal climate survivor and furthermore can bear dull or no light room position. Another important element of this plant is that it is a characteristic air purifier along these lines it assists with keeping the workplace climate light and more joyful. Thus, if your manager isn’t feeling acceptable, this plant would help save a significant number of workers from your supervisor’s negativity. Truly, express gratitude toward me later for this.

Aglaonema plant
Commonly known as Chinese evergreen, this plant is a popular choice of people of the unusual colored leaves. Commonly the leaves of this plant are green but some of them appear with a silver and a redlining, which looks pretty amazing. It decorates your office table wonderfully, and also, it is an annual, so it will be there with you for a very long time.

These are a few plants that can be used to decorate your office desk neatly and beautifully.