This hardens the concrete and makes it structurally sound

A concrete mason is a highly skilled professional who works on large concrete projects. He usually works on projects that are very expensive. Concrete masons typically work in construction sites and on building structures and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, and buildings.

They usually work outdoors, and they often have to deal with all sorts of weather. Many concrete masons have been working since childhood. Their training is rigorous, and they have to go through a long apprenticeship process before they can earn their license to practice as a concrete mason.

A concrete mason works with poured and finished concrete. Poured concrete is concrete that has been poured into forms or into slabs. Finished concrete is concrete that is mixed, concrete company poured into forms or poured slabs, and then hardened and cured. This hardens the concrete and makes it structurally sound. To finish a pour, the concrete mason applies various coatings of concrete or finishes the surface.

Cement finishers are usually highly skilled workers who perform concrete finishing work. They usually work outdoors and on construction sites. They are usually hired to smooth out surfaces on freshly poured concrete slabs. Cement finishers apply various coatings of cement or finishes the surface to create smooth concrete surfaces.