Top 10 Ideas to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

There is no secret that in some parts of the world, summer gets too hot. In most places. It becomes totally unbearable. But, do not let the high outdoor temperature ruin your summer fun. To stay cool, you need to be adequately hydrated and out of the sun.

Sometimes people complain that just remaining inside four walls and away from sunrays is not enough to get the relief from the summer heat. It all depends on you to find the best ways to cool down your room. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the best and simple tricks to stay cool.  Read the following tips:

1. Keep Your Curtains Closed

 Approximately 30 percent of heat enters your house through your window. Therefore, if you keep your curtains closed all the time during summer will protect your room from extreme hear. Also, it can save your electric bill as you do not need to run your cooling appliances continuously.

2. Close Rooms That Are Not Frequently Used

All houses have some rooms that are not frequently used, such as guest rooms. To prevent the cool air inside that room, close the door, and stop the entry of hot air inside and cool air outside the room. Also, turn off the vents of your air conditioning unit when it is not in use as they can also become the source for the entry of hot air.

3. Take A Bowl Of Ice

Take a bowl and put some ice cube inside. Now, take this bowl and place it in front of a fan or cooler. The fan will blow the air over the ice bowl, and you will experience a blast of extra-chilled air. This trick will let you enjoy the cool winter breeze in summer. This may sound crazy to you, but it will work.

4. Change Your Bedsheets

With the arrival of hot summer, it is time to replace your woolen or silk bedsheets with cotton fabric. It is so because the cotton fabric breathes easier and lets you stay cool. Also, choose some light-colored bedsheets to keep your bed cool comparatively.

Replacing your old bedcover with the new & appropriate one will not just help you’re to keep your room cool but also freshen up your place.

5. Rotate Ceiling Fan Counter-clockwise

 Only a few people know the fact that you should change the rotation of your ceiling with the changing season. But the question here is “why”? It is so because if you set the direction of your fan counter-clockwise during summer, then it will circulate cool air in a downward direction.

6. Move Hot Air Outside The House

Install the exhaust system in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to move the hot air out of the house. The exhaust system will suck the hot air from these rooms and throw it out. This technique will also improve the indoor cool air circulation.

Also, you can also consider air conditioning Sydney Installation to maintain cool air in the entire home, including your bedroom and living room. With this simple and small trick, you can manage to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

7. Plant More Trees In Your Backyard

This is a long process, but it is quite effective. A tree will take many years to grow up and provide shade to your house. But, you can start planning it now so that you can reap better results later on. 

Trees will not provide just provide shade and help to maintain optimum temperature but also enhance the curb appeal of your house. DO you know the fact that a full-grown tree can block approximately 70 percent of sunrays radiation and can protect your home from heating up?

8. Start Cooking Outside

Summer is the perfect time to bust out the grill and avoid cooking your food inside your house.  Sweltering heat due to the sun has already raised the temperature of your house.

Thus, if you are already feeling hot inside, then cook outside and do not add more discomfort. Moreover, summer is the perfect time to use your outdoor furniture and eat grilled food.

9. Foam insulation

If cool air produced by your ducted aircon Sydney escaping out from your house, then the best technique to preserve this cool air is Foam Insulation.

It will seal your house and prevent cool air inside and the summer heat out. This material also helps in maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature inside the entire house.

10. Make Some Improvements At Your Home

Well, there are various tricks that can add cooling effect and comfort to your house. All you need to upgrade your house a little bit to enjoy your summer without any hassle. Replace your old doors and windows with the energy-efficient one and control the temperature of your house. If your budget does not allow this replacement, then buy some weatherstrips and install then around the old windows and doors.