Top 8 Important PPC Trends for 2021


Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing, Frederick Vallaeys states, “PPC is becoming easier & harder at the same time.” The statement itself has the whole picture of where PPC can lead your brand and how. Lately, PPC is trending in the digital marketing world. It is fast, double the profits soon and is getting a lot of attention from all the big names in the virtual world. The amount of innovation and the dependency on Artificial Intelligence, is making PPC management services, the top digital marketing choice of many leading businesses in the world. Experts are anticipating the biggest increase until now in PPC activity in 2021, which is up to 17%. Here are some of the trends that may be the cause of this increase.

  1. Automation

Companies using PPC mostly rely on automation and artificial intelligence, and this trend will keep on increasing in 2021. Giving all the control to the platforms to decide on how the campaigns will run, bidding and how to target the consumer will be the practice of many companies. Almost 72% of companies haven’t seen their PPC campaigns over a month. However, many companies still like to handle their bidding manually, and it is highly recommended too. Automation provides better PPC campaigns performance and smart bidding options, but it doesn’t mean that you are free from everything. Proper knowledge of algorithms, conversion tracking and effective ad copy is important to avail the benefits of automation and paid search marketing.

2. Amazon Paid Ads

In 2012, Amazon started their PPC management services instead of using Google and Facebook’s paid search marketing. Now, it is one of the biggest PPC platforms, and 2021 is the year it will grow even beyond. Amazon had the edge because they had the best user intent data there is, which they used intelligently and hence earned massive conversion rates. Even the Amazon ads are displayed periodically since the results are increasing tremendously.

3. First-Party Data and PPC Responsive Ads

There always has been a trend where PPC marketers are not provided with enough data, and they have to work on whatever they have. This trend will keep going in 2021 too. However, quality ad copies based on patterns of user searches and automation will be prioritized. Also, as per the latest automation technologies, the ads which will provide more CTR(click-through-rate) are picked by algorithms. So paid search marketing providers will focus on creating multiple ad copies.

4. Paid Social Media Ads

Last year social media was one of the biggest support for many individuals, which has made paid social media ads one of the main focuses of all PPC companies. The time spent on social media nearly doubled and the increase in paid social media advertisement experienced an increase of 30% in 2020 and this trend is anticipated even more in 2021. Many companies have realised that if you want to beat the competition and want to have maximum leads, it requires better reach and  Paid search marketing is the best way to do that.

5. Negative Phrase Keywords

In 2019, Google introduced a new tool, due to which matching keywords can also be triggered if the rest criteria are met. For example, if you write “best summer outfits” in the search tab “best summer dresses” will also be triggered. So PPC managers will create detailed lists of negative keywords for better automation.

6. Paid Video Ads

Many PPC management service providers have realised in 2020 that videos are the best way to grab the attention of the clients. Youtube ads had a massive impact on everyone. As per the latest research, people watch 4 billion videos on youtube every day, and ⅓ people purchase the products based on video ads.  Businesses using video ads including Amazon has stated that products with video ads are likely to attract people more. Google has introduced another tool named bumper ads in which a 90-second video ad is divided into smaller display ads on youtube which will gain even more momentum in 2021.

7. Paid Voice Searching Ads

2020 was the year that has experienced a significant evolvement of technology. With that situation and people wanting to have more ease, voice search got even more popular. Also, with Siri, Alexa and Google providing this facility, people are more shifting towards this trend. This is the main reason PPC management services need to include the phrase keyword, and they are prepared for this trend.

8. Consumer Behavior and Buying Patterns

Consumer behaviours and buying patterns have always been an important part of any digital marketing services let alone paid search marketing. Now when the PPC marketing techniques are mostly based on first-party data, the buying patterns are considered even more. In 2021, PPC success is more based on automation and technology, but the division of resources will be purely based on consumer behaviour.

2021 will be an important year for all digital marketing companies as 2020 has truly shown a great potential for e-commerce and Paid search marketing. This year if the businesses want to choose PPC management services, they need to make sure that the PPC company under consideration knows the trends.