Uses of custom cardboard packaging

cardboard boxes

Custom cardboard packaging has taken over traditional packaging all over the world. It is a pleasant change that will help in curbing problems like pollution and litter. The items we consume in a day come packed in one form or another. This packaging account for a large amount of littering on earth. With the advent of custom cardboard packaging plastic, plastic use has reduced. This plastic sits in the wastelands without getting decomposed. It makes its way to the oceans and the seas threatening life. Mankind’s and other species food cycle has been adversely affected due to the use of traditional packaging in the past. 

Use in custom retail packaging 

Countless brands and companies have switched to cardboard-based packaging because of the countless benefits its offers. They can easily transfer these benefits to their customers as well. Custom retail packaging, crafted from cardboard stocks, can be given a unique look and appeal without spending a lot of money. The budget-friendly attribute of these boxes allows them to be ordered in versatile sizes and dimensions according to the product needs. When ordering the custom printed retail packaging boxes, responsible companies never forget to take feedback from their marketing department. It allows them to develop branding themes according to the company’s goals.  

A very common and popular layout in custom boxes used for retail packaging is the tuck top boxes. These boxes are used to promote and market many different types of items. As soon as one enters any departmental store, they will be able to see custom tuck top boxes lined in the aisles one after another. Most products like assorted donuts, macrons, and other food items are packed in them. They are also used by skincare companies to pack their lotions and creams in these boxes. Most food companies add a window-patching feature to these boxes. It allows them to minimize human contact with food as customers can look at what they are buying through this plastic sheet-covered window on the lid. 

Advantages of using biodegradable custom cardboard boxes 

As discussed, companies around the world understand their responsibility in controlling litter and pollution. Many have stepped up and are aggressively promoting a green lifestyle. These companies have switched to biodegradable custom cardboard packaging. It perishes on its own and does not release any poisonous or harmful gas or chemical during the process of disintegration. The biodegradable custom cardboard packaging boxes are extremely durable and retain their shapes for a long time. As a result, it is easy to recycle, reuse and upcycle these boxes. Customers love this attribute in custom cardboard packaging and show their appreciation by buying these products. 

Brands that use custom cardboard boxes gain in more than one way. Firstly, these boxes are made from recycled material. It means that they require lesser processing to give them their final shape. Reduced processing means reduced consumption of energy. It prevents the depletion of resources on earth. It automatically brings down the cost of packaging ordered and allows the respective brand to save more. Such brands also enjoy a boost in their sales when green consumers are added to their customer base. 

One such industry that makes use of biodegradable custom cardboard boxes is the bath bomb industry. Cardboard boxes for bath bombs are attractive and functional. They protect the bath bombs from interacting with moisture and heat. It protects the efficacy of the bombs. If they are exposed to humidity, their ability to fizz is damaged. Custom bath bomb boxes are as eye-candy as the bath bombs inside them. It is their superior looks that attract the customers toward this product. Through its packaging, the companies express the goodness of pampering oneself in a luxurious bath. It is this expression that sells and wins over the customers. There are countless other industries where this cardboard packaging is a hit.  

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