What is Commercial Cookery and Career Progression in Commercial Cookery

Commercial Cookery

Commercial cookery means cooking in a professional setup as a chef. Oftentimes, a large-scale cooking scale includes the use of high-tech cooking appliances such as steam ovens and blast chillers, however, commercial cooking also needs certain soft skills, which can help to work together with the team. Significantly, the top priority skills required for the hospitality industry are service orientation, active listening, excellent speaking skills, coordination, and social perception skills.

Career Progression in commercial cookery

As we all know, working as a chef is extremely rewarding. People are very much privileged in Australia to have such an incredible hospitality industry to flourish in as chefs. Starting from celebrity chefs to head chefs of the world’s most popular restaurants in this country, have already risen to greatness through their commercial culinary career

It is no wonder that there is certainly a ladder that you must climb to reach the peak of your career in commercial cookery. There is an ample number of opportunities and courses are available in the hospitality industry of Australia, which can highly motivate aspiring chefs who have the potential to grow their career rapidly. Here are the excellent career options available when you undertake a course in commercial cookery education.

Brigade de Cuisine

Also known as the kitchen brigade, is a hierarchy in this hospitality industry for commercial cookery. In this, every staff in the kitchen is responsible for a particular task, who should directly to their senior. There are diverse variations available on the kitchen brigade throughout the industry, depending on the size and needs of the kitchen.

Commis chef

Commis chefs can move around and supervise the kitchen throughout their tenure, as the needs of the kitchen keep changing every now and then, facilitating them to gain experience in diverse topics such as sauces, pastries, seafood, etc. As the commis chef gains good experience in these areas, he can move up from his position of demi-chef de Partie or first commis.

Chef de partie

Although a chef de partie is skilled enough in every area of the commercial kitchen, he will be in charge of a specific station in which they have mastered. However, a chef de partie can hold a more particular title based on their station, such as saucier or entremetier.

Sous chef de cuisine

The sous de chef is also known as ‘under the chef’ will be the second-in-command to a head chef, and he will not be confined to any particular station. A sous chef should oversee the entire commercial kitchen and should act as an intermediary between the head chef and every station. Therefore, a sous-chef de cuisine not only needs to be a well-experienced chef, but he should also be a strong leader with brilliant communication skills.

Chef de Cuisine

A chef de cuisine or head chef is a topmost position in any commercial kitchen, who will largely look after supervisory roles. A chef de cuisine will be responsible far beyond food preparation, including liaising with other areas of the hospitality business, such as the front of the house or front office in-charge, who has to directly report to the restaurant administrator or owner. He will also have to play the primary role to ensure the continued and smooth running of the business and maximizing profitability.

Chef Executif

The position called Chef Executif refers to a particular role that especially exists within large establishments. Chef executif can be seen in hotels or group of restaurants, who will oversee diverse venues. A chef executif will play a business-focused role and will act as a manager across different areas of the hospitality business, to ensure continued excellence and coordination between marketing and public relations.

Your career in commercial culinary starts with gaining brilliant skill nurturers, who are dedicated to equipping you with the essential skillset required to function in a commercial kitchen, as well as, to grab the wheels of your career and to experience how your dreams become true.

Commercial Cookery Courses in Melbourne City College Australia:

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