IP1 License: Why choose us for your Infrastructure as a Service

IP1 License

Infrastructure as a service (IP1 License) is a termed that’s often confused nowadays with only cloud computing services. Many people seem to forget that the term, infrastructure provider, has a deeper meaning that just providing a virtual environment for storage and computing. Before the concept of cloud was even around, it was used and certain small circles, still used for providers of infrastructures such as:

  1. Right of Way
  2. Duct Space
  3. Dark Fibres
  4. Cell towers

In fact, without the above four resources, the dream of virtual computing would have stayed virtual. This article is an ode to this license, and also to tell you why you should choose us for services related to this license.

What if the traditional meaning of infra as a service?

Infra as a service basically means providing infrastructure (resources) as services to industry stakeholders who need it. Think of internet connectivity, it’s an infrastructure that call centers, marketing firms and pretty much the entire technical sector needs. Infrastructure as service providers are those companies that rent or lease such resources.

However, even the existence of internet connectivity is because of infrastructure that telecom companies get in rent or lease from other infrastructure providers. The IP1 license is a permission to setup such an infrastructure provider company.

You have to choose us because we understand the depth of services you can provide as an infrastructure provider.

The IP1 license is the reason technology exists and persists in India

The math is quite simple when it comes to explaining the importance of infrastructure providers. They provide the resources that enable the telecom service providers to exist. Without their:

  1. Right of way, telecom companies won’t have the “right” to “make way” for their wires and cables to go across the streets to connect to their subscribers,
  2. Duct space, hardware like servers that heat up quite severely, won’t have the space to vent that heat,
  3. Dark fibres, providing high speed internet connections wouldn’t be possible.
  4. Cell Towers, wireless communication would not be possible to provide.

Thus, you can safely say that it’s the IP1 license that has made infrastructure providers who have then made it possible for us to live in this modern era of connections.

You’d need to understand more than written here to truly grasp the kinds of resources you can provide when you start infra as a service. We can give you that understanding.

Let’s now take a look at the process of obtaining the Ip1 license.

IP1 license procedure: The making of an infrastructure provider

It’s the Department of Telecommunication who has taken upon itself the responsibility to issue the IP1 license and watch over the infrastructure providers. To acquire the license, the steps you need to follow are:

  1. Business incorporation: To provide infrastructure, you have to be a registered business infrastructure. And nothing has more structure than a private or a public limited company. Thus, contact business consultants and take your idea of infrastructure provider and transform it into a company – an institution through which you’ll run your business.
  2. Download and fill the application form: Because there are not many applicants for this particular license, the government didn’t put any effort in making the process online. Thus, you need to first download the IP1 license application form and fill it manually.
  3. Prepare the documentations required: Following are the documents that DOT needs to see alongside the application to assess you as an applicant:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    1. Memorandum of Association
    1. Articles of Association
    1. List of directors of the company
    1. List of shareholders of the company
    1. A description of your business
    1. Types of resources you’re going to provide
    1.  DD of the license fees.
  4. Assessment of the application: The ball is now on DOT’s side. The Department will assess your application before deeming you worthy of the licensed. If you’re worthy, the IP1 license becomes yours.

Obtaining the license hinges on whether the Department deems you worthy. That hinges on you providing the right documents to the department and filing that application correctly. But in order to file the application, you need to first incorporate your business as a company.

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From company incorporation to ensuring that the department deems you worthy, you want us to undertake every task mentioned above. Because it’s only us that know the ups and downs of the license and the procedure.

So why you should choose for your IP1 license?

The reasons for choosing us are many, but if we have to list some of them, they are as follows:

  1. We can make your understanding of the Ip1 license simpler.
  2. We know the nuanced resources you can provide by become an infrastructure
  3. We can render you end to end services that go beyond just contacting the Department with your licensing needs.

Thus, if you need the license, you can apply for it right now. And if you want the procedure to be successful, you can contact us at any time.