The Latest in Tech: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review


Before the pandemic, the smartphone market was suffering immensely. Its growth was slow even after considering new models year on year. It has been one of the most stagnant markets in the economy for some time now, and the effects of the pandemic have only made it worse. 

The manufacturing of smartphones has come to a halt many times over the pandemic to decrease the transmission of the virus from person to person. This has had a significant impact on new handsets making their way to market. Many handsets are made in India, where manufactures have experienced issues with getting their hands on parts that come from china. 

However, Samsung has managed to pull yet another Galaxy series phone out of the bag for 2021. However, it has come at a cost. Due to the production restrictions, it really is not the phone it could have been.

(Source: Samsung)

Although the handset is not accompanied by a charger or headphones like its predecessors, The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is thought to be one of the most useful and fun handsets on the market thanks to its fun-to-use camera. The smart device houses an impressive 10x lens, which is an achievement in itself.

However, once the camera’s excitement wears off, unfortunately, the S21 doesn’t have much to offer concerning battery life, not forgetting to mention the charger will have to be brought separately. Even after all the fun gimmicky parts are played with and done, there is no hiding the fact that the handset has a prolonged rate change, making it less convenient. 

Is it made for you?

With a widescreen and heaviness in its weight, the handset is most definitely made for those who are serious about their tech. The handset is packed full of some of the most intelligent technologies we currently have in smartphones offering an experience like no other. The phone specifications speak for themselves with large screen size and memory. 

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The phone design is also very well thought out and lets people know you have spent some serious cash on it. Both panels on the phone are made of glass, not plastic, and curve at the sides for a comfortable hold. The phone’s sides are coated in aluminum, looking and feeling glossy. The shining tech of the phone, the camera, sits on the back of the phone in a slightly heightened platform, which makes it easy to identify when taking pictures.

The phone’s 6.8-inch screen provides excellent day to day picture quality with vivid colours and a resolution of 1440p and refreshes at a rate of 120Hz, providing you with the crispest images, not forgetting the 10x zoom and a smooth transition and scrolling for everyday tasks. The phone comes with four rear cameras, which is great for capturing some of the most detailed images in the daylight. The two other spaces on the back of the phone are for the flash and laser, which helps the camera focus.

All four of the phone’s cameras are tremendously excellent and push the boundaries far beyond what NASA thought was even capable of when they accidentally invented the smartphone camera. The ultra-wide camera is a 12MP sensor, and the primary camera is a 102Mp sensor camera that takes 12-megapixel images that can be changed to 102MP. 

There’s no denying that the S21 Ultra is one of the best phones on the market at the moment. However, it’s worth mentioning that it is not that far off from its previous models, which means that it shares many of the same features. The 10x zoom is one of the better features on the phone, but it does not come with a charger or oven accessories like the S-Pen, making it easier to use, making it less impressive and appealing.